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  1. Pu

    Report for NsF_Nation

    No offense but these two were already driving me nuts so I became angry and might have behaved not properly towards them for valid reasons
  2. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    if a few seconds = way too much work im done arguing
  3. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    i believe theres a command for that or he can check rotation on the forums
  4. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    I didn't know there is a rule for that he can change to any map he wants if it's broken. Ofc my problem isnt that he changed from a broken map its that it shouldve been rotation so everyone can be happy and its righteous
  5. Pu

    Report for TBS*Agente

    Player's name: TBS*Agente Player's PlayerID: [U:32:4076722569] Server: deathrun Please describe what happened:  language against lazlo then spammaed heu heu heu Proof:
  6. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    If 9 agrees to murder someone and 1 doesnt does it justify the majority to do so? nope. same logic
  7. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    since when is this a valid argument? you are not even supposed to say anything here btw. all i see here is the staff desperately trying to save eachother without valid arguments. its not even a real discussion rly. Just because I'm not quiet about it it must be my loonie thing. As I said before chat is ded by this approach. If i say im gonna change to crystal who disagress only some people will and Im gonna change it easily with that logic. Thats how it works. Globally in many countries only some people judge the government publicly but that doesnt mean the population is okay with everything
  8. Pu

    VIP nerf

    I'd like you to reconsider VIP features since it can easily get players to an unfair advantage. By them I mean: speed changing, perks, spawnable weapons as activator in OLD Since I wasn't able to find anywhere all VIP features even I asked admins and posted topics about that I'm not sure what else is there, maybe someone can help me out with that?
  9. I want you to consider the idea of ghost run to the server. I think it would make it more entertaining. Also I'd like to bring up the idea of a random rotation ofc without the possibility for a map to restart multiple times, you know, like shuffling it
  10. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    My conclusion is that he should rotate instead of choosing the map HE wants <--- It's the most democratic way
  11. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    OK but why wouldn't you rotate instead since it's the most fair option? No one would complain (or maybe but they wouldn't be right then) if you did that. Now you all can point out that I'm the only one complaining but that has no point again... Cuz we all know people are silent on chats
  12. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    It's been bugging me for a while but I'm going to report every single occasion from now on. Well I was always told to try it the bureaucretic way and file reports so I'm here on the forums doing this
  13. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    Well they shouldn't. Ok if it's not considered abusing power then they could change to any map any time right? How's that any different? Are there rules for that? Is it written somewhere that they can't ban people randomly? No. Therefore nothing is considered abuse of power. This logic does not stand. It might weight less but it's just as tyrannic as it would be in other cases
  14. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    By rotating it's the most fair for everyone, the most democratic option you know
  15. Pu

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    Well by the rules it should be rotated or changed to a map what the majority wants. If there isn't one, why can't he just rotate it? It's dumb to say nobody minded, you know how chat's like, if I asked if you wanna live say it nobody would, they just be like "meh". If i said change to crystal who disagress it would be max 3-4 from 20 people cuz others dont give a damn. Its clearly abusing power how's it any random? Why isnt it rotated instead putting the map he wants only?