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  1. Thunder:)

    Report for SloW.

    Player's name: SloW. Player's PlayerID: Server: deathrun Please describe what happened:  suicide as activator Proof:
  2. Thunder:)

    S T U disrespect

    How didn't you disrespect anyone, and you said 'smd'?
  3. Thunder:)


    Congratulations, Aquiz You deserve it!
  4. Thunder:)

    Where is deathrun?
  5. Thunder:)

    The Return of Deathrun

    Finally!!! IceOps Deathrun is back, so fun and happiness is back!
  6. Thunder:)


    please.. do that, deathrun is dying, Get back the old IceOps deathrun pleasr
  7. Thunder:)

    Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    good luck, you are doing a great job
  8. Thunder:)

    Deathrun Server

    can't we return back the old iceops server? and they can make a seperated server/ ip
  9. Thunder:)

    Deathrun Server

    i agree with you, i hope to see you back and dr 1.2 back
  10. Thunder:)

    Deathrun Server

    it's there and better than 4x3 imo,atleast iceops server
  11. Thunder:)


    yea, i don't even like 4x3 server, their mod isn't funny as iceops old one
  12. Thunder:)


    worst idea " changing server "
  13. Thunder:)

    Deathrun Server

    4x3 should be different clan, iceops was popular with deathrun server, now it's 4x3 server with 4x3 mod instead of using iceops mod
  14. Thunder:)

    Deathrun Server