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Found 7 results

  1. Aquiz

    The Return of Deathrun

    Hello everyone, IceOps has an amazing gift for you this Christmas; The return of Deathrun. IP= Yes, Deathrun is back! Last week the staff of IceOps did their best to ensure that our server is running perfectly. We edited and updated our server where it was needed. And for now; the server is running fine. The cooling down time is over, and we can aim to a fresh and new start with the all of you! So tell your friends, because IceOps Deathrun is back. But, to prevent the previous situations to happen again, I was forced to update several rules. The last time we ran the Deathrun server thing got way too out of hand. People began to behave childish, we even had people bullying and disrespecting other players. This is NOT something we stand for and support in our servers. So let this be clear, if it will happen again, we will take hard action/punishments without exceptions. The rules have been updated and sorted in 3 categories: - Cat 1: Small offenses, Temporarily *like glitching etc. (Rule 1,4,5,7,9/Rules Deathrun 1,2,3,4) - Cat 2: Medium offenses,Extended temporarily *like swearing, childish behavior, repeating previous violations.(Rule 4,5) - Cat 3: High offenses: Permanent, *like racism, hacking, sexism etc. (Rule 3,8) Let this all be clear for you all, and do not make us to do the same again. Hopefully the new rules for Deathrun are clear to everyone. Furthermore, i would like to wish in behalf of the complete IceOps staff everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
  2. Howdy! I'm Spattz. So apparently BraXi, 3 years ago, announced the 1.3 version of the Deathrun Mod, but where is it? That's all I want to know, Thanks! (btw: is on sale, so I'm kinda worried about what happened with him)
  3. I have recently played a map called mp_dr_mirrors_edge. This map is made by SuX LolZ. The size of the map is 200mb but has been compressed to 80mb. I know this is a big download but it is a very good map and is also meant to be the most beautiful map that has ever been made for CoD 4. It will be loved if people were allowed to play it. I will leave a link to a YouTube video so you can check it out. YouTube Link- Download Link- Hope you guys can check it out and maybe add it to the rotation Thanks for your time EDIT: This map requires a good graphics card (GPU) to run. Preferably a 2GB or higher. High Frames per second are hard to achieve on this map varying how many people can play this map. Signed .JoeyyyyFTW.
  4. Someone please tell me the name of the song on map Something.
  5. Mighty Jayster

    Voting System

    Hi all. I have noticed alot recently that on the Deathrun 1.2 server that there has been alot of people requesting that there is the map vote system back that their was before due to the fact that the rotataion is not changed as oftern and that they like to pick their own maps. Now I did like the rotation system but in my personal own opinion i think that the map vote system worked better due to being able to pick and vote for the maps that you liked and wanted to play for those 10 rounds. I just wanted to draw the communitys attention to that and hopefully that soon we could possibly have a vote system again or possibly not. Who knows ?? Thanks all
  6. -X-Sniper

    Voting System

    Hi guys I just want to Say can u please add Voting System. Alot of People want To vote for maps that they want to play some maps are Boring and some or Fun. Please Add Voting System. Then More people will come play then it will be More Fun and. Have Great Day
  7. It's finally here! The VIP menu for deathrun. Here you'll see the features and on the donate page you'll see how to get it! Your own welcome message! Visions(Lot's of one of a kind visions so you see the world different) Fun(party mode) Self options(Really VIP things) Weapons Speed options Perks All models And MORE! More things will be added so stay tuned to see more features soon! Check the -->Donate Page<-- to find out how you can get this amazing menu!