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  1. aEoNNzR-

    Ban appeal for aEoNNzR-

    Thx. Another question: can i glitch all i want if i dont use it to my advantage at all (like, dont kill acti and dont finish round)?? I like to chill on the server and see whats possible in a map. I dont want to use it for unfair advantage Asking this since it has been said numerous times, that glitching is using an exploit for unfair advantage. and without an advantage its allowed
  2. aEoNNzR-

    Ban appeal for aEoNNzR-

    I don't know who this wizkid guy is, how can he have same client id as me?
  3. aEoNNzR-

    Ban appeal for aEoNNzR-

    Nickname: aEoNNzR- Server you got banned on: deathrun Your UID/GUID: 2310346616070705235 Admin UID/GUID: Ban reason: Using iceops tag 6th ban. Bans will keep increasing. Be aware of your behaviour. Ban length: 1 week What happend: I did not join the server using ice ops tag, i have never used the IceOps tag before. Today I tried to join but it showed that i'm banned o.O
  4. aEoNNzR-

    Report for aEoNNzR-

    Ironically you showed me this Stu.. And i wasn't aware that even this is called glitching. To avoid confusion in the future: Could you define glitching @Aquiz
  5. aEoNNzR-

    gif avatar

    Can you guys pls allow gif avatars? Thx. Aeon
  6. aEoNNzR-

    Report for Tyzor

    Player's name: Tyzor Player's PlayerID: U:32:989304523 Server: iceops deathrun Please describe what happened: Tyzor wallbanged me at anotherworld Proof: wallbang_dm_1.4dd929b135d95ec857b2437729136fa3
  7. aEoNNzR-


    It can be rather demotivating when watching the best players but I play it for fun and a bit competetive in dutch ranking, im 4th of the netherlands
  8. aEoNNzR-


  9. aEoNNzR-

    This is yellow

    The theory behind is that your screen has for each pixel RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and if Red and Green are burning, it causes us to see Yellow. This is like, how screens work nowadays xD Learned it at this video from Vsauce xd
  10. aEoNNzR-

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    Thank you for the clarification, this states that I did not break any rule because of Rule No7 "Map glitching however should be tolerated as long as it is not interrupting the game or too disturbing" and I was not interrupting the game or being disturbing. I won't reply anymore on this thread after this, sorry. Needed to get this last thing off my chest since it was related to what I said earlier.
  11. aEoNNzR-

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    Then people can report them for wasting time. I try to play normally but then some new rule gets made up and I get prohibited from playing. EXPLOITING glitches for unfair advantage, OK I can see that this is disallowed. But according to your logic, like I said, if it apparently is about "other people will do it too and they will waste time", thats not my fault. This can happen in secrets, like I said. Stop f-ing smiting me.
  12. aEoNNzR-

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    There were alot of people on the server, pretty much every round like 4 people finished. It's not my fault if others would start wasting time out of the map, and they can know these jumps anyways. I have very little impact on others in this case. They could also just be wtf'd if they are breaking rules. It's about the situation where I would do the jump and not break rules. Ya know.. Maybe people should be disallowed to do secrets! Cause, ya know, "most people are not wasting time, BUT if everyone starts to go in secret, there will be a lot of sh*t and would be really boring."
  13. aEoNNzR-

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    Today I was doing a jump in mp_deathrun_meatboy where you can jump on a lantern pole, and get no fall damage. After that you can walk in an area where u can visit some houses. I just wanted to explore the map and see what would be out there. Blandum said I couldn't do it because it was "glitching out of the map", so I stopped because I was scared I wouldn't be able to play anymore because I could get temporarily banned again. Kinda ruined my fun at that moment, since I finished the map over 100 times already and just found out about that jump which Kye showed me, didn't have the opportunity to explore beforehand . Also I wouldn't have been able to "exploit" it in any way, and was just curious about where I could get. I also didn't waste time. I even wasn't able to finish the map because of that jump, so it was rather a disadvantage, a round given up to explore.
  14. aEoNNzR-


    Kakashi I think it is a good idea If at anytime is typed into the chat, where x can be a length of 1-3 and y can be length of 1-5, then it could be changed to a random IceOps ip, therefore server ip's wouldn't be possibly posted on the server anymore, except for IceOps ip's. Also there would need to be made exceptions for the iceops ip's, which could be done by a simple if statement with all the iceops ip's.
  15. aEoNNzR-

    This is yellow

    Hey guys, I can do a magic trick that will blow your mind =) This picture below is yellow between the red and the green stripes. Don't believe me? 1. Be like 1 meter away from the screen with your eyes. 2. Close your right or left eye. 2. Put your index finger close under the image but like 10cm from your face. 3. Look at your finger. 4. Look with this blurred vision at the picture. 5. Try it and see for yourself! 6. If done correctly you should see two yellow vertical lines apper in between the red and green lines! EDIT: The picture you see is a part of your screen (1 pixel to be precise) which shows RGB (Red Green and blue)