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  1. Happy Birthday Aquiz :*

  2. Blandum

    Deathrun Server

    Guys, what you are saying now it's not for mature persons. IceOps death run was a nice server, but nothing special, let's say this. Now, complaining about the hard work that 4x3 is doing, is childish, instead of complain, as @Kienio said, give suggestions, so you can help them to improve the server, that I guess is what they are trying to do now. So, another time, before complain about something, try to switch on your brain and see all things behind.
  3. Blandum

    Overwatch Zenyatta

    Josh it is really amazing, compliments
  4. This guy is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, one time he is the lovely Josh, the other time he is a creepy guy called Hanzo, take care!

    1. Chrono


      I think that is very rude of you to say but hanzo thinks it's funny

  5. Happy birthday man :)

  6. Blandum


    Congratz to all two, really well deserved
  7. Blandum

    Clan Leader

  8. Blandum

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    @aEoNNzR- is better if you close this discussion, you're ridiculous right now. A map in death run,as I said, is made for be followed, also this is not the right thread to discuss about it. This conversation is closed
  9. Blandum

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    No problem, maybe next time ask me or someone if you need an explanation Joe keep your inopportune comments out of this thread.
  10. Blandum

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    First, I advise you to don't do it before tempban you for only one hour. Also, there is a rule: don't advertise other servers on the public chat of our servers, I don't know what server you were sharing, it doesn't change if it's private or not. So man, don't report admins when there is a rule under what they do only because you get a tempban. I also add, you were lucky, who advertise get more days (+ there were also other players saying you to stop it)
  11. Happy Birthday Blandum :) 

    1. Blandum


      Thank you Jay <3

  12. Blandy omeygeed ! Happy 18th birthday !:00000436::00009419:

    1. Blandum


      Thank you, when will you play again with me? ^^

  13. buon compleanno again ^^ :*

    1. Blandum


      My French friend <3 Merci again ^^