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  1. Goodbye

    You do. And prime, sad to see you leave best of the luck in future days!
  2. Clan game of Promod?

    Didn't i suggest this months ago?
  3. Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

  4. My long awaited leave...

    I almost thought that this was my farewell post, then i realized that it was made with better grammar and more content on point. Good luck in future Scott!
  5. Bye guys

    I wish you good luck dumdum!
  6. Happy birthday man :)

  7. Hey! Keep in mind that becoming a pro doesn't happen over night, only practise makes you perfect. I'd say if the game gets you too frustrated, you are tryharding too much and only way to prevent that is just take a chill and try to enjoy other players achievements in game. ( worked for me a while ago ) Just dont give up, take hints from the other players and use them in future. Good luck!
  8. Bye

    Atleast i leave without nazi jokes and school shooting jokes
  9. Bye

    Hey! I've been thinking leaving iceops for a while now since the community is going a deep downhill. It might be just be but i've made my decision. I've made few good friends on my journey with IceOps family and i hope we can stay in touch even when im not part of the clan after this. Well, nothing else to say here. Good luck and see you in the future days! D
  10. PROMOD new maps into rotation?

    What i've noticed, new maps have made our promod server unpopular. Whenever one of the custom maps comes in rotation, players leave the server, and whenever a custom map comes, players who stays on the server is asking if a admin can change it. Imo these maps should be removed and leave promod as a promod.
  11. I caught a pokemon

    I find this funny somehow
  12. Farewell Joe

    Gone but not forgotten.
  13. Plugin : Bullet cam ?

    I dont get the idea of this? This is actually a stupid idea