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  1. IJzzo

    HC HighXP server update

    Yes on S&D you should only be able to spectate your team. No idea.why it isn't set there up like that.
  2. IJzzo

    HC HighXP server update

    Should appear in the list soon. My bad it was not running promod as it should be. I think I used it for something else long time ago and then forgot about it. But this is fixed now.
  3. IJzzo

    HC HighXP server update

    I believe we have a promod server. Just nobody is playing onto it.
  4. IJzzo

    Report for Eskay

    I am wondering that too.
  5. IJzzo

    Little tweak for HC server

    And what is wrong with default movement? We made it default so we have better chances players won't leave server right after they joined it.
  6. IJzzo

    Little tweak for HC server

    This shouldn't be the case unless antilag is disabled. Did I?
  7. IJzzo

    Little tweak for HC server

    I think Leiizko did that so players do faster level up. And players demanded it unfortunately. I don't know about today but I guess the situation hasn't changed too much. On the other hand there exists so many HighXP servers now so it does maybe not matter so much anymore. What do you think @leiizko?
  8. IJzzo

    Report for .

    Where is a proof section? Explain more please.
  9. About the maps: Well we have selected those ones by community feedback just few weeks ago. The feedback we got by counting the number of players leaving the server after a specific map gets started. So maps which caused too much leaving got removed from the rotation. So I am not sure if it is smart yet to change anything on the map rotation. Although I know it sucks but many are obviously preferring this boring map rotation.
  10. IJzzo

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Does it also allow you to call such a vote? Just having this in menu does not mean server will allow it.
  11. IJzzo

    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    Probably but weird it shows only a single player.
  12. IJzzo

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    And such a bullet proof evidence means you could spend your time better than with this ban appeal.
  13. IJzzo

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    But there is still one big coincidence. Your IP address you are using on our forum is also assigned to the same country as the country of the banned player.
  14. IJzzo

    Hello Alireza. O_o

  15. Hey. im gonna follow u in 999+1=1k. <3