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  1. {AD}RedRose

    It's 2022!

    Things have been great here until very recent. We had no cases for ages (because we had everyone locked out, including the rest of Australia lol). However we now have 114 active cases (which is still very low) Our state of Western Australia had been restriction free for nearly 2 years till recently (restriction now are mask indoor) My family and I are doing well. Have a great year this year guys and shall talk to you all soon. Cheers
  2. {AD}RedRose

    Lockdown Discussion

    We are extremely lucky here in Perth Australia. We did however had a case of local community transmission and automatically went into 5 days of strict lockdown. We have since have no more local case but have to continue to wear mask until 14th Feb. After this, if we don't have anymore local cases, we will be able to completely open up again and live life normally. The only restriction we will have is 2 sqm social distance, no international travel and our big concerts etc will only allow 50% capacity. I really feel very lucky to be here safe and really feel for all those going through such hard time. Please all take care.
  3. {AD}RedRose

    Welcome Ninja-Gaming in IceOps!

    All the best Ninja-Gaming, you will be in great hands with IceOps. Shall see you all from time to time when time is permitting
  4. {AD}RedRose

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    Interesting conversation and topic. Some of you know that I am a player with pings in the 300+ range and that I don't sit still for long lol. I know camping is allowed but I too do find that it is frustrating when you do get some that are able to camp in the same spot for the entire game and not be killed. I have tried so many times to get to some of these campers without success and a large amount of death (I don't care about my KD) It also frustrating when there are only certain ways to approach these players and you continues to get killed no matter what you do or how hard you try. During some of these times, I just completely gave up and left, feeling that it destroyed my sense of fun playing. IF only I was able to jump or fly above them to kill them lol (it would be a shock to the core) Hmmm thinking along that line, maybe it could be earned when you get so many kills (instead of getting uav for VIP, we get to fly haha) Okay, it not a good sight to see the admins here arguing about something that is affecting some of your regular players. Honestly, I think the really hard core campers that has large amount of kills and no death should be warned to move to another camp spot if they still want to camp. That way they are not camping in the one spot the whole map, move between camp spots instead. Verbal warnings (ask them to move nicely ) in game to begin with, if no action after asking 2-3 times(when you ask the 3rd time let them know that the next time will be a kick)(this gives them a chance to move) then I think the kick would work better than an admin warning. I suggest all the admins needs to discuss this in private and come up with a solution that is fair on the campers and non campers. (Hence my suggestion above) Cheers Ohh and this is a really lovely, friendly family clan
  5. {AD}RedRose

    Report for NegaTorri

  6. {AD}RedRose

    Report for NegaTorri

    Players' name: NegaTorri Players' PlayerID: 2310346616326585537 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: 2310346616326585537-2_dm_1.9c567f2817df090025fa582b9f569297 Please describe what happened: Multihack
  7. {AD}RedRose

    Report for billythejew1

    Players' name: billythejew1 Players' PlayerID: 2310346615974358984 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: 2310346615974358984-billythejew1_dm_1.c9071c84f6bb806b66cb607a138d021b Please describe what happened: Wallhack
  8. {AD}RedRose

    Report for Jelman

    Players' name: Jelman Players' PlayerID: 2310346614496806528 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: 2310346614496806528_jelman-1_dm_1.16ba0a5fdfc44098a57a508aade3f3b1 Please describe what happened: Wallhack
  9. {AD}RedRose

    HC HighXP server update

    Not sure how everything works and my suggestions may sound crazy. Is there a way that the server are able to monitor the amount of RPG/grenades/claymore etc. that the players used and have it restrict them after they reach a limit? E.g. use 3 RPG/grenades/claymore per map per player (they will have to decide when the best time to use them during their game) Restrict the use of them on small maps.
  10. {AD}RedRose

    Report for Niall[P]

  11. {AD}RedRose

    Report for Niall[P]

    Players' name: Niall[P] Players' PlayerID: 2310346613721905917 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: WH Proof: 2310346613721905917_Niall[P]_dm_1.e662c1e7838d4ba986fc0f82c76b582d
  12. {AD}RedRose

    Stats Rank Number 1

    hahah I am currently no 1, I think for the wooden spoon
  13. {AD}RedRose

    Report for Vili

  14. {AD}RedRose

    Report for Vili

    Players' name: Vili Players' PlayerID: 2310346616047806574 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: Elevation/glitch Proof: 2310346616047806574_vili_dm_1.359423a8e3392099d37296ca115e5f19
  15. {AD}RedRose

    Little tweak for HC server

    I got so use to playing with 260+ ping for years but the 360 ping is more challenging, especially with all the bombs etc coming at me all the time lol,. On IceOps, i very rarely go positive but on the other servers, it a mix, depending on who is on and what weapon they use (rpg, grenade etc)