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  1. Leon

    report for Ronin

    Thank you for looking into it. I also watched the video again and was a bit unsure then. In the game I felt like he was cheating, but now I think you're right. ... and in case of doubt always for the accused ... ;) Thank you for your effort, mate.
  2. Leon

    report for Ronin

    name: Ronin GUID: 78903872 reason: wallhack proof: uploaded vid Ronin_78903872.dm_1
  3. Leon

    Lockdown Discussion

    Now, as far as I'm concerned - I can still go to work, we can buy groceries and we can go for a walk - but within a maximum of 15 km from our home address. We're basically locked up ... There are also night curfews. (The exception to this is if you can prove that you are on your way to work) Otherwise, all other shops, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, zoos, everything related to culture - such as cinemas, theaters, museums - virtually EVERYTHING are closed. ... and that since Christmas. It is particularly bad that the childcare facilities and schools have also closed. There is a kind of home schooling via the Internet, which should be supervised by the parents at home ... - but that really sucks ... First of all, the lockdown should be limited to February 15th, but rumor has it it will lastuntil Easter ... but this would be worst for all these closed shops, service providers and cultural institutions. You really have to be careful that you don't to get stir-crazy The winner in this situation seems to be Amazon and all these other online dealers... but the small shops and also the pubs around the corner will die... When it comes to vaccinating people, we are totally behind other countries - but what is worse is the situation, that vaccine developed in Germany is first used in other countries ... we really feel ripped off ... btw - have you already been vaccinated? How do you think about it? Will you get a vaccination or are you more skeptical about vaccinations? What do you think ?