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  1. CROdator

    Merry Christmas!!

    A litlle bit early there guys.. Fish ya all tha Best
  2. CROdator

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    Yup I've already banned a guy that had something like that, except that he had no ss at all, hacks are getting smarter.. And yeah it took ss only on start of the games and then he activated it, after few seconds perhaps. Seems like multi-hack, he knew when someone is behind him, knows when someone is behind obstacle, gets kicked when taking ss. +he has 2 autokicks from anticheat system I'll set it as permban. Thanks tinkerino. Your English is great, just right. ;P
  3. CROdator

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    Please describe what do you mean with cheater. His 4 ss look fine. so aimbot? And i get "The page you requested does not exist " error on that link.
  4. CROdator


    "Press and hold F to skip map" doesn't work i think. Btw could you add mute music command or button xd
  5. This is the wrong place to post this, but thank you for notifying us. RoZo BETA v0.5.028 is now Online
  6. CROdator


    yes but i was saying about services not processes, there are services that start proceses so you need to disable those sometimes hah
  7. CROdator


    Which is ironic, because cortex is made to speed up computers xd Best thing is to keep all non Microsoft services on manual or disabled
  8. CROdator


    Well Windows defender only works properly in windows 10, but still it can let something slip by you install things from shady websites. It doesn't protect you from yourself hah BitDefender (protects you even if you turn it off, don't know how that works) is greatest nowdays as i heard but i don't think its necessary with win 10 defender and a bit of common sense. Safe mode helps in cases virus is running a process and you can't see it. Seems like your case.. As you probably know safe mode doesn't start unnecessary things so its easier to delete them, or keep them from plotting against you further.
  9. CROdator


    Now You might want to: - Do "sfc -scannow" cmd in command prompt to check system files. - Scan rest of the files on your pc with Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, SuperAntiSpyware or something else. all while in safe mode though
  10. CROdator


    Also could be a virus of a sort, or most likely just some random Windows 10 process as usual..
  11. CROdator

    Server updates

    im guessing he meant that those 3 maps will get boring after a while cuz server is low on people quite often
  12. CROdator

    Server updates

    Yeah but there aren't any more small maps hah, maybe add a random map from the other pools?
  13. why not steam group, as we need it anyway
  14. Nice to see you still here, say hi to tinker if u see her ^^

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. CROdator


      yeah, same here, getting frustrated of how noob i am hah

    3. Kamojka99


      I might redownload Cod4 like mid august and get on deathrun if somebody would like to play a bit, but im not promising anything and if server is still up lol 

    4. CROdator


      it should be up for a quite longer, sure we have like 6 players who would like to play it more, enough to get it running

  15. CROdator

    Clan Leader

    How do u make all of those promotions in short time and make threads by yourself... Did you kill Ninja? :0 Funny me, Congrats Looky