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  1. CROdator

    Ban appeal for Cro

    Dobro da si se javio, ne dešava se ovo često. Uzivaj
  2. CROdator

    Ban appeal for Cro

    This Is the Player with your PlayerID demo0001.dm_1
  3. Well we could make a pool about it, at least we got alot of new people now. Same goes for deathrun server voting system although its not really active.
  4. hi


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    2. TinkerBell


      If you seen it then you mean it

    3. TinkerBell


      Then you know you have to go.

    4. CROdator


      (Japanese verse)  xD


  5. Could you give me recipe for pinđur please? Thx 8)

    1. CROdator


      Ingredients: -all depends on the taste, everyone puts a bit different amount
      2kg red tomatoes
      4kg pepper (red, horn shaped)
      4dcl vinegar
      2 tea spoons of salt
      1 tea spoon of sugar
      2 hot peppers
      2,5 dl of oil
      1 whole garlic
      1 handful of parsley (chop it)

      -You can dip pepper on the grill or in the oven and cut into smaller pieces.

      -Then chop the peeled tomatoes put them on oil (lightly warm)
      and add the sliced garlic.

      -When the tomatoes are fully softened
      add chopped peppers, parsley, salt, sugar then hot peppers.

      -Cook for at least 1 hour until is isn't watery.
      (Keep stirring them, don't let them stick to the bottom and burn.
      Usually takes few hours.)

      This amount is for about 7 large jars.
      Close them well and keep them cool

  6. CROdator

    Reporting this hacker

    @Milad Here you go
  7. CROdator

    Reporting this hacker

    Thanks for report. Usually Here is the form for reports. You can see the "Forms" button for all kinds of things on the top of the page. You can use $ministatus command in the console and then screenshot player info. Btw don't insult players anyway.. and don't tell them you are recording. some of them wont react but some will just turn it off.
  8. CROdator

    player user racist language

    Oh sorry i didn't notice the thread, but i did reply to you in the chat-box. in case you didn't see it. You can use the $report command in game.
  9. CROdator

    Report for ||. Allen. ||

    found this on him --> BANNED
  10. CROdator

    ^1wolverine - Lifes_Master

    This was said already and ill just forward it again.
  11. CROdator

    Ban appeal for Kuros

    Lets say that you "did not hack". It could be that you borrowed your copy of the game to someone.
  12. CROdator

    Ban appeal for wolverine

    Hello there, I see that you have been accused for ddos threat, teamkilling, wallhack. I would probably add trying to evade future ban by changing your info and by using ss blocker. You are very lucky if you ever get a permission to join server again.
  13. Hello little princess, how are you? Haven't heard from you a long time.. I'll be in Croatia this year with my gf for 2 weeks :P 

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    2. CROdator


      well it will be worth the study :D

      very nice, sadly GoT doesn't have much of Dubrovnik covered but its nice still :)

    3. Fa!l3r-Ger*


      Nah, I will quit.. Maybe I'll also leave the military and go to the police.. I'm not so sure atm.

      How about you? What are you doing? :P


      Aight, we will see.. At least we'd like to see some things we remember. I saw some pictures where GoT and Dubrovnik were compared and on these pictures, it looked pretty nice.

    4. CROdator


      Well good luck anyway. I'm here just wasting days kinda also undecided about going to college or job or whatever.

      yeah its cool, you can walk the walls all around , enjoy ^^ 

  14. CROdator

    Merry Christmas!!

    A litlle bit early there guys.. Fish ya all tha Best
  15. CROdator

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    Yup I've already banned a guy that had something like that, except that he had no ss at all, hacks are getting smarter.. And yeah it took ss only on start of the games and then he activated it, after few seconds perhaps. Seems like multi-hack, he knew when someone is behind him, knows when someone is behind obstacle, gets kicked when taking ss. +he has 2 autokicks from anticheat system I'll set it as permban. Thanks tinkerino. Your English is great, just right. ;P