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  1. CROdator

    Clan Leader

    How do u make all of those promotions in short time and make threads by yourself... Did you kill Ninja? :0 Funny me, Congrats Looky
  2. CROdator

    Shadow of Mordor

    Im a bit late but if u still tryin to fix it, its probably your pcs fault, i mean its not new game anymore, You should google it if there is a fix or try running in compatibility mode, run as admin, checking if its set to read only, or checking directx, microsoft net c++, visual, or similar programs
  3. CROdator

    The New IceOps

    It Could Work
  4. CROdator

    Level (boost) restore cmd?

    That works only if i go to devmap, in other situations it would just keep reseting stats
  5. CROdator

    Level (boost) restore cmd?

    I meant as cod4 has more errors than pirate versions of warcraft, so i get level reset for every single trouble
  6. Could we get a Level up command, as there is alot of players getting their level reset, it happened to me like over 9000 times, it could be useful if someone could make it But that we use it only if soneone have proof or smtn that he was lvl#
  7. CROdator

    Converting Freeze Tag

    I think that its already playable, you can see ip above chatbox/spambox/shoutbox
  8. CROdator

    Converting Freeze Tag

    there already is cj server now, sooo no its not leaked info
  9. CROdator

    Iceops Deathrun Suggestion.

    I agree with this nub
  10. CROdator

    Iceops Deathrun Suggestion.

    Should we put limited ghost mode, so you can like go into ghost mode every second round or something like that
  11. CROdator

    Sniper Results!

    I use m40a3 only because it have extra bullet, and i use it with acog because its faster, But r700 looks better and somehow i can kill more people with it xd
  12. CROdator

    Converting Freeze Tag

    Add maps that have easy and hard ways? Hah
  13. CROdator

    Forum Issue

    Tuesday should be last* day of the week then..
  14. CROdator

    Forum Issue

    Daduq is this? Since when yesterday is last week?
  15. CROdator

    Converting Freeze Tag

    Well its not really completely dead but cod jumper mod would be nice, a lot of players there