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  1. CROdator


    Oh, can we fix this? @leiizko @Kenai @IJzzo thanks :d
  2. CROdator


    Yes, why didnt you ban him? Banned
  3. CROdator

    camping and spawnkilling

    Look at this thread, we are discussing improvements, camping has already been talked about.
  4. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    I think that you already can't spectate enemy team?
  5. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    How about the same solution as with camping. after X kills it gets damage penalty? explosives in general
  6. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    Oh yeah we actually do have Promod server.. why isn't it listed on forum server list tho? Btw i'm not entirely sure if it is actually promod on it, and its wrong gamemode somehow.. it can be vote changed
  7. CROdator

    Report for Attila

    Already Banned at 8:31 Someone re ban him xd
  8. CROdator

    Report for eSuba~bluzZ

    Banned Thank you for your service Andrew.
  9. CROdator

    Report for Ateeq

  10. CROdator

    Ban appeal for Cro

    Dobro da si se javio, ne dešava se ovo često. Uzivaj
  11. CROdator

    Ban appeal for Cro

    This Is the Player with your PlayerID demo0001.dm_1
  12. Well we could make a pool about it, at least we got alot of new people now. Same goes for deathrun server voting system although its not really active.
  13. CROdator

    Reporting this hacker

    @Milad Here you go
  14. CROdator

    Reporting this hacker

    Thanks for report. Usually Here is the form for reports. You can see the "Forms" button for all kinds of things on the top of the page. You can use $ministatus command in the console and then screenshot player info. Btw don't insult players anyway.. and don't tell them you are recording. some of them wont react but some will just turn it off.
  15. CROdator

    player user racist language

    Oh sorry i didn't notice the thread, but i did reply to you in the chat-box. in case you didn't see it. You can use the $report command in game.