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  1. CROdator

    organization of the tournament

    I'm interested but also rusty as hell
  2. CROdator

    organization of the tournament

    I guess you have to get a number of people willing to participate and then agree on the date.
  3. CROdator

    edlass's Ban Appeal

    In any cheating scenarios people usually don't get unbanned. Perhaps they are discussing it.
  4. CROdator

    got banned ?

    First demo is kinda balanced, probably average gameplay, not much funny stuff. Second demo is just bad luck for him, as he misses everything by an inch. Third demo has some lucky shots, but I think that's all that they are, luck.
  5. Only thing that I can think of, is to remove the spawn protection when someone moves. It should lower the advantage for them and keep the advantage of protection.
  6. CROdator

    Report jedi domaci burek brale

    So sad, I like his name
  7. CROdator

    Player to ban

    This section is for reporting admins that are abusing power. Please use the "Report a player" form HERE, in the future. Send the evidence to someone or post it in a new thread in the correct section and cheater will be dealt with.
  8. CROdator

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    uuu Hello @Ares Hope you are doing well.
  9. CROdator

    Back in the day

    Well its nice to have you back ;D Aim down sights sure does help hah Yeah well its still like that for some.. there are still a lot of "new" people or causals who just play however whenever. As for cheaters, everyone is trying their best to keep them off.
  10. CROdator

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Well I'll be damned, I have checked trough quite some screenshots and found some names I haven't heard in a loooong time.. Apparently @Kenai invented RTX graphics Even found myself xD sad thing is, my ping was better back then hahah Is it possible to find out the date when this was taken? I think this is one of the earliest times that I've played on obs. You can even see the evolution of my name (HR-Mario > [CRO]Predator > CROdator) few evolutions are missing but still :D Looking forward for more
  11. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    So MP5 seems fine to me with close range to medium range, but long range i didn't manage to get a single kill. Killstreaks audio needs to be at least 50% quieter and fixed, this is breaking the sound barrier xd
  12. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    Excuse me @$t0rM [= if I'm too tired to realize, but I didn't see you saying any valid argument to why the P90 is useless, you just said that: " completely useless.." and " can no longer use it...". I'm not saying that you are wrong, but however obvious it is, you should say a fact so we can improve. As for the keybinds for the killstreaks I agree that so many keys are too many. We should have the default key and when someone has more options so he uses them in order that he got them. I think that we shouldn't add too much that is new, at least for now. @TrashPanda there is a selection of killstreaks for each number of kills on test server, I'm guessing that is how it will work.
  13. CROdator

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    I can just say, have some more patience for the fix. Sadly we don't have enough skilled people to do anything fast. As for the discipline measures. It's all in a very gray area of the rules, so i don't think it should be argued about because it will make no point. Gray area meaning: this is borderline against the "Don't make your own rules" moderator abuse, and then again It is kinda violating the anti-camp. Nobody is at fault here, we just need time to make a valid compromise. And yes my apparent dad @Behemoth here is right, we try to be as much as a family as we can. After watching some vids i think that we should even somehow add more recoil to m21 hah. There's a video of a guy shooting the P90 with one hand on full auto with steady recoil... says it all.
  14. CROdator

    I can get my level back?

    Well to be fair, i constantly get level reset for every server (zombie, deathrun, ranked..). Sometimes it's related to error in connecting, sometimes its related to change on PC. Best thing you can do is do backup every now and then.
  15. CROdator

    Report for NegaTorri

  16. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    True but we leave because of too many campers, m21 and p90. Meaning that we "have to ban" 3 groups of people just to have 1 group of people play. (not to mention RPG and GL squads) In short it would perhaps result in even more people leaving.
  17. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    The problem is that we can't afford people leaving, so banning weapons isn't the best choice. We need to make a compromise and do something else, nerf was a good start.
  18. Who are you, and what did you do to rami :P

    1. Behemoth


      Rami is my real name so i wanted to change it, in my village we have a thing that we give nicknames to families like aboajaj aboshahata ablees ect.... and our family have the nickname of ablees which means the devil lord so i thought why not if its my other name too ! 

    2. CROdator


      Well it took you some time to change from real name hah
      I wouldn't want to mess with your family :D
      nice tho

    3. Behemoth



      why not changing my real name 

      plus i dont want to mess with my family too :|  

  19. CROdator

    Minecraft Opportunity

    Well it is one of the few games that are still massively popular after a decade. It can be fun but also it can get boring if there aren't enough people to play with.
  20. CROdator


    - Invasion (mp_inv) Because people basically play only on one part of the map, and its causing fps issues with a lot of people. - Glass (mp_glass_war) It is a fun map, but its hard not to abuse that bug on it.
  21. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    Like any effect at all ?
  22. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    Could we like make the server "moded", add maps, add packets 125, and all the rest that we need. Unranked server would be okay, because rank resets still happen and it's annoying, nobody cares about it anymore. And with a server like that there wouldn't be boundaries to what you cant fix. Only con about it would be ourselves and what we would do with such power. xd
  23. CROdator

    p90 ban

    Well I don't really see it used so often actually, but yeah some nerf to it would be nice.
  24. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    Yup that's what he said, its considered camping Me too, buddy
  25. CROdator

    HC HighXP server update

    I don't understand if this is on purpose, but noticed that this: is a lie xd timer doesn't reset to 10 seconds. Lets say you camp for 10 seconds and move 8 seconds and stop, you will have only 2 seconds until the damage says 67% again. Then you have to walk for ar least 3 seconds to get 100% for just 1 second until it gets back to 64%. In short you have to run almost as many seconds as you were camping for it to return to 100% and to be able to stay in place for 10 seconds, if you move less than that you will have less time with full damage. I mean it's effective, everyone needs to move at all times, hah