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Found 1 result

  1. On the 20th may 2020, it was IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary of being open. It was 10 years ago I (IJzzo) started IceOps in the beginning under the name Blue-Clan [Blu]. We started with multiple servers but two became very popular, Softcore mixed and Hardcore TDM. After few month we did a merge our clan with few other players who had a clan called iPower. However we ended this relationship already after 1 week because there were (maybe unjustified) doubts they are clean players. From here we had to rename again and used IceOps as our name for the past 9 and a half years. We added the mods Obscurity and Deathrun on our servers which became very popular and rose the interest in the IceOps community significantly. With the shutdown of the back then most popular Obscurity server "Retox Squad", our clan became the most interesting one for the Obscurity community and we got our second oldest member @Kenai who is still around today with us. I can not remember all the members we had before, over the years they were a lot, so I won't name any here. When you have played on IceOps before 2015 then you are maybe interested in something we have prepared. The Xfire screenshots token by our players on our servers can be viewed now in the gallery under these links: Obscurity + Zom DB Deathrun Deathrun#2 + Openwarfare custom maps Hardcore TDM Softcore Mixed Openwarfare custom maps + (early)Deathrun Sniperserver + Openwarfare2 Sniperserver + Deathrun#2 Promod Zombies ZomDB Time had been sometimes very hard with major internal conflicts, from today's point of few I had done some things different, but today we are still here and alive. Over the time there has surely been some ups and downs. This could be from people leaving that were truly cherished at IceOps, to server updates and even brand new systems put in place for the better of the community like Sourcebans for example. Speaking now on behalf of the IceOps staff and myself, we would all like to say a huge thank you for continuing to be here. Running a community for so long has had its toll on the member count, but for the ones that are still here, you are not forgotten at all. We will surely be staying here running as long as you are here with us. Much Love IceOps Staff [Credits: Mighty Jayster + IJzzo]