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  1. Milad

    Report for Trihard

    It worked. However I don't see a definitive sign of a hack! I noticed that he shot you almost through the wall but it could be according to the UAV. I don't think this demo is enough. I will keep an eye out for him though.
  2. Milad

    Report for Trihard

    @Lady_G94 The file that you uploaded is not available for download. "The page you requested does not exist" is the specific error. Please upload your demo one more time.
  3. Milad

    Report for Stalker

    Thanks for the report He has banned
  4. Milad

    Report for uG admins are beta male cucks

    If he gets online again I will do something about it
  5. Milad

    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    I'm sure that @Kenai wo uld not ban someone with no reason. Btw even if you didn't use wallhack, you used skins which is also against the rules...
  6. Milad

    Ban appeal for huxypuxy

    OK, Thanks for clearing that out!!
  7. Milad

    Ban appeal for huxypuxy

    That is way too old for me. You have to wait for our counselors to reply. Just FYI if you used hacks don't bother anymore, our community does not unban hackers. @Kenai, @leiizko, @izk0 It's out of my hand
  8. Milad

    Ban appeal for huxypuxy

    when did you get banned?
  9. Milad

    Report for 2nd BATORI

    I have said that he is a hacker! I just didn't have his ID to ban him! (pbss -> autokick)
  10. Milad

    Server updates

    for god's sake add another map to small pools or let the vote happen in middle of the game when numbers are not enough! there are 10 people playing shipment ! everyone leaves at the end of these maps specially "shipment" !
  11. Milad

    Server updates

    when people join the server and see that one of these three maps is being played they kinda leave, although I have seen that at the end of map before the voting happens people leave the server and then we stuck with those three maps again... In my opinion it wont be a bad idea to add one or two more maps like crossfire which people usually like and want to play.