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  1. Milad

    Report for SSSSS

    Banned. Thanks for the report
  2. Milad

    bingO's Ban Appeal

    You were caught using hacks. and not just once!! There isn't a vote happening. Your ban will stay.
  3. Milad

    Things have to change asap

    I posted something about the m21 a while back (after the update!). I said that it kills from long distances with one shot and 34 or 67 DMG in the lower torso, which according to the damage table was not possible. However, I believe that the update worked very good and the server is way better to play in. Even though the killstreak numbers are low and easy to get (which leads to a heli or something else being spammed), it made the M21 campers less noticeable. because now I can easily kill them with my killstreaks. When the number of players using M21 goes up, it again gets frustrating again but it's manageable. Therefore in conclusion, the M21 is NOT as much OP as it was. and the update worked way better than I expected. Btw I don't agree with the linear progression for the killstreaks. No one wants to wait 5 minutes to get their chopper in the air! having 3 killstreaks at the same time lets you use anyone of them that is not being used already, which is a good thing in my opinion.
  4. Milad

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    wouldn't make much of a difference xD
  5. Milad

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Congratulations to everyone Happy to be part of the family.
  6. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    Seems good. The time for Heli and chopper gunner are too long! and the sound is still way too high! I literally mute the game when there is a chopper gunner or AC130 in the air. Also the vibration is way too much. How long does the chopper gunner stay in the air? maybe make it half. edit: now that i see the chopper gunner in the air tbh 12 kills seems to be low! maybe 14. If its duration is not reduced of course.
  7. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    By the way @leiizko the name color in the kill log is reversed! when a marine kills an opfor, we see a name in yellow killing a name in grey. it's just reversed. I don't know if it made any sense xD Hopefully you get what I mean.
  8. Milad

    Damage table

    First of all awesome work. Thank you For me alone the Hit location multiplier is just fine, it's actually logical. However it needs getting used to and aiming more precisely. (I'm totally fine with this) BUT many people will think that the server is bugged because for example they shoot a guy from a close range with desert or a bolt action sniper and get no kill, just a hit reg. Which might lead to fewer players on the server. So I suggest raising the numbers a bit more! like what @$t0rM [= suggested. I do think the p90 damage is okay. As for m21 maybe [ "m21_mp" ] = 25 (Mostly bcoz even with 67 DMG it was still one shot killing in the lower torso from a long range too. If this is fixed then nevermind) Just some maybes: Maybe for Desert [ "deserteagle_mp" ] = 60 And finally WeaponClassFallout [ "lmg" ] = 1600 or 1700 And [ "pistol" ] = 1300 or 1400 And [ "rifle" ] = 2300 or 2400
  9. Milad

    Report for Optimu$[AK47]

    Banned. Thanks for the report.
  10. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    well, situations are different in the game! I agree with you @VanZy, that's why I said p90 should not be banned. but m21 is different, people hard camp with them is some locations that are very hard to kill them from, then they have the advantage of the killstreaks! when the same thing happens with bolt action snipers you can use jumping so the sniper would miss the shot and the window. But with m21 he just fires a whole mag until he gets you, very low recoil. This makes people leave the server and we don't want that. The p90 is something entirely different. It has a lot of bullets and as this is HC, you can just prefire everywhere and get kills. In my opinion, it is much better to reduce the damage a bit. By the way, if we don't exclude weapons we may as well add the grenade launcher and RPG back! I can promise the server would be empty in a week. some tweaks are necessary when 34 players are on the server.
  11. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    After playing several hours, I have to say m21 has too much damage yet! the fact that its a low recoil gun makes the DMG useless! ""1 shot won't kill, FINE I'll shoot 3 shots every time! it doesn't matter, I don't have to aim again."" Btw lately with 67 DMG most of the time you die with one shot. which is weird. So Lets just ban m21 and be done with it. More importantly, p90. ( Kill me now) It has too much damage and ammo! "" just prefire every corner or door that you wanna go through and you still have enough ammo to kill an army."" As this is a favorite gun in the server (KILL ME NOW AGAIN!) banning it is not a good option! it might reduce the number of players. So why not reduce the damage? maybe like half? then we will check how it goes
  12. Milad

    FA1TH_IN_GOD's Ban Appeal

    In my opinion once a hacker always a hacker! so ban should stay. Anyway you have to wait for our counselors to see your appeal and decide what to do. Have patience.
  13. Milad

    FA1TH_IN_GOD's Ban Appeal

    Well, you could have just left the server when you realized Aimbot is on! but you chose to play and used the hacks! Not knowing how to turn off your hacks is not a good excuse... Also we do not unban hackers. Your appeal is just not acceptable.
  14. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    TDM mod is really crowded so "blood effect" is not a good fit! however, "the increase in the time needed to heal back" seems fun! this way you might not get the kill but you get more assists. Also because its hardcore "slow when hit" is useless! Like 99% of the time if you are hit you are dead already.
  15. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    OH BTW at the end of every round there is the sound "AH" every like 4 seconds which is really annoying. It continues until the map changes demo.dm_1 check it out if you don't believe xD NOW I'm sure it's not just the end of the round! it's constantly happening. like every 5seconds... it's really annoying