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  1. Milad

    Report for -zed-55

    Banned. Thanks for the report
  2. Milad

    HC HighXP server update

    I think the S&D HC server should be changed into a promod s&d. its more popular and way more people like playing that way. the fact that there are guns like M21 sniper, LMGs and p90 makes the game experience Not-Pro! I think the pro players like to play Promod rather than TDM and having these guns around in the S&D server forces them to leave.
  3. Milad

    Report for brood

    Banned. Thanks for the report.
  4. Milad

    Report for chewy best cod4 player!!!

    Banned for 3 days. If such a thing happens again, his comms will be blocked. thanks for the report.
  5. Milad

    Add more maps maybe?

    It seems fine. I agree
  6. Milad

    Little tweak for HC server

    I agree with @Shooter8995. however, there are some maps that reduce the number of players way more than usual. I disagree with Creek, downpour and wet work. Here are the reasons: Creek: worst map ever! it is not playable... Downpour: I just hate it and know a lot of other players hate it too (Not a good logic though xD) Wet work: Bcoz of the constant shower of grenades Bloc, Chinatown, Overgrown and Pipeline are fine and big enough... Maybe we can add the voting system again?
  7. Milad

    Little tweak for HC server

    Yeah. It's like that for me too
  8. Milad

    Little tweak for HC server

    I'm thinking No score limit... If there is an aimboter in the game the score limit will be reached real soon! or if the teams are not balanced, same will happen... I don't have anything to say about the time limit. Also one suggestion: Is it possible to make some changes for the level ups? like adding some more levels (after reaching level 55 of course) ? it can keep the game more competitive especially between our regular players.
  9. Milad

    Report for rip_chester <3

    I have no idea what kind of a hack that is!! Anyway Banned. Thanks for the report
  10. Milad

    Reporting this hacker

    I think the report was right and I banned the hacker however I'm not 100% sure. @Mighty Jayster You can move this one to Banned folder.
  11. Milad

    Report for Conos

    Thanks for the report. Banned.
  12. Milad

    Report for conos

    Thanks for the report. Banned.
  13. Milad

    Report for .

    I mean this place! When I click on the link this page shows up! and then I have to ask for another upload. this has happened more than a few times now...
  14. Milad

    Report for .

  15. Milad

    Report for .

    Upload the demo again please. Guys (@Kenai, @leiizko, @IJzzo) can you do anything about this proof problem? We can never download the demo under the proof section!