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  1. VanZy

    Report for BASSEL

    Banned. Thank You.
  2. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    Yes I agree. Everything that was said about weapons is not such a big problem as a huge number of people on the server. I rarely play, but in order to start to capture the leading places in games, you need to adapt to so many people. Сomplete chaos, especially with guarantors and a series of killings. But strangely enough, I know people who like so many people on the server. Therefore, us need to look for some compromise from this situation. And what causes great annoyance is grenades and a series of killings. I propose also, as with the rotation of maps, to bind a certain number of people on the server to bind the number ppl the ability to carry grenades. e.g. If ppl < 16 - all have grenades else - all haven't grenades
  3. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    Maybe then we will begin to ban everything and leave 2-3 weapons? Let's say the p90 is the same machine gun, but lighter. Why don't we ban machine guns? First of all, this is a tactical game, and we have all the possible shelters to avoid death from such weapons. And now we have a damage system that will either help us or destroy us. My opinion is that we should not exclude weapons from the game if we want to leave the server the same and not create something else from the old game (mod ??).
  4. VanZy

    FA1TH_IN_GOD's Ban Appeal

    lol no. Not the best excuse. And for this type of violation, the appeal will not be appealed. Good luck at a high level
  5. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    Well, with my PC and without this problem, everything catastrophically comes out xD
  6. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    Tested a little, this is a good idea, it became even more convenient to play. It even seemed that the perfect balance (maybe it is). As for the hitreg, it seems to have become much better, but I can’t give a definite answer (my ping and FPS do not give me the opportunity to fully assess this problem).
  7. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    Well, what I was talking about. I absolutely agree.
  8. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    I agree and support @Milad. But to be honest, not every player playing the role of a sniper is able to storm an enemy respawn. Snipers should essentially sit back in the distance, but I think need to reduce damage after ~45 (or more) seconds not moving. This gives a slight advantage over other classes, but is also prone to nerf.
  9. VanZy

    HC HighXP server update

    Useful update. I did not notice any special losses, everything suits me, BUT it seems to me that the damage through the walls should have been left somewhere by 30-35%, because in some places it looks like a too strong nerf. Of course, I am against spamming through walls, but for some maps this is a useful feature. Since there are many little things that interfere to hit the target. Well IDK. What do you think? Good job @leiizko
  10. VanZy

    TheCommunist's Ban Appeal

    You buried yourself. It was definitely impossible to hear the sound of footsteps. But you started talking about sounds because you didn’t find a suitable argument and deceived without thinking. It follows that you have something to hide. Purely my opinion.
  11. VanZy

    Keeeevin's Ban Appeal

    @Keeeevin, No one blames you for no reason. If you did it, admit and do not aggravate your situation (free lesson for the future xD). I thought so too. Because he was outraged that the game was not in his favor. And then he turned on the cheat and restarted the game. I understand that you wanted to show that you are not an ordinary guy, but we would have noticed without it. There will always be someone who plays better than you, there is nothing wrong with that.
  12. Do you ever wear a Wanzy ?

    1. VanZy


      nope xD

  13. VanZy

    Report for Like_A_Boss

    Banned. Thx for report!
  14. VanZy

    Report for Ustasa

    Banned. Thx for report!
  15. VanZy

    Report for NINJA

    Banned. Thx for report!