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  1. VanZy

    Keeeevin's Ban Appeal

    @Keeeevin, No one blames you for no reason. If you did it, admit and do not aggravate your situation (free lesson for the future xD). I thought so too. Because he was outraged that the game was not in his favor. And then he turned on the cheat and restarted the game. I understand that you wanted to show that you are not an ordinary guy, but we would have noticed without it. There will always be someone who plays better than you, there is nothing wrong with that.
  2. Do you ever wear a Wanzy ?

  3. VanZy

    Report for Like_A_Boss

    Banned. Thx for report!
  4. VanZy

    Report for Ustasa

    Banned. Thx for report!
  5. VanZy

    Report for NINJA

    Banned. Thx for report!
  6. VanZy

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

    Hello @alexander.natterer. Ad0rab1e - not your nickname? If this person is really you, then check out the demo. (I have no way to watch the demo). demo0046.rar
  7. VanZy

    Minecraft Opportunity

    I thought that this game is dead, but now I looked at the number of players on the servers, and I can say with confidence that it's worth a try. I personally can't play now, because I do not have enough time, and I need a new PC.
  8. Got it. But as far as I understand, this does not affect anything, as soon as sorting players into teams. And yet, it certainly will not work perfectly.
  9. I do not understand, but what will change if replace it?
  10. About a lot of the above, we discussed with @John Yuki several times, as far as I remember. I still think that this idea is not expedient. Because I do think that administrators or moderators, if possible, check the server. And if we all had some smart clock with an alert, it's another matter xd Moderators and so should check everything, each time the computer is turned on (ideally). And do not wait for us to be notified. For this, there are forms for reporting at site. But if you find it convenient, I'm ready to support you in this idea. I'm not sure if it will works perfectly. I hope you understand what I wanted to explain. In this may be you are right, but if you often play on the server, I think you might be able to control it in manual. Ask @izk0 to give you power points for changing maps. On the game tracker there is another interesting characteristic in the form of score per minute In all other categories, I support you, albeit with a little insecurity. Good job @John Yuki!
  11. VanZy

    Ban appeal for ^1wolverine

    Definitely was a hack, I could not get your screenshots and there was only a way to write demonstrarion through the server. I've played with you for a long time, but last time you played much better than @Kenai hehe Updated: If you did not violate anything, then why didn't you immediately apply application?
  12. VanZy

    Report for Q_Q

    Banned. 1 day ban for team kill. (because this is his first ban) 3 days com block for insult players Thank you for maintaining order!
  13. VanZy

    CSGO team

    @DavidO, And yet, even after you left, you remain part of our team No need to thank me for this. And do not forget, my friend, that I'm Russian and your native language is closer to me, I understand a lot, but I do not know the spelling. In our languages, words are similar in sound and are similar meaning xD
  14. VanZy

    CSGO team

    @Wraith., I completely agree with you. We have such streamers as @Wolfman & @DavidO
  15. VanZy

    CSGO team

    You're right @leiizko. I do not think I understand this. But only money can attract people. Namely, the organization own tournaments or something like that.