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  1. VanZy

    Report for Q_Q

    Banned. 1 day ban for team kill. (because this is his first ban) 3 days com block for insult players Thank you for maintaining order!
  2. VanZy

    CSGO team

    @DavidO, And yet, even after you left, you remain part of our team No need to thank me for this. And do not forget, my friend, that I'm Russian and your native language is closer to me, I understand a lot, but I do not know the spelling. In our languages, words are similar in sound and are similar meaning xD
  3. VanZy

    CSGO team

    @Wraith., I completely agree with you. We have such streamers as @Wolfman & @DavidO
  4. VanZy

    CSGO team

    You're right @leiizko. I do not think I understand this. But only money can attract people. Namely, the organization own tournaments or something like that.
  5. VanZy

    CSGO team

    Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG(50/50), Paladins, Overwatch(50/50), Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, League of Legends. At the moment, the Fortnite is relevant in our community. Because we have 5-6 people, who playing in it. And for a full-fledged team requires 4 people. Yes, and now a lot of tournaments.
  6. VanZy

    Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    Ahaha. It's funny justification... In his defense, I can only say that I banned 3 hackers, including him. BUT 2 hackers have already left the server this moment.
  7. VanZy

    Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    These servers are divine! Even if I'm not a fan of deathrun-servers (already a worn-out mod). And the other 2 servers are very good and they have little anolog. For example, I only know 2 open servers Obscurity (our and German (If I am not mistaken)). At German server have little online, there seems to have been for a long time no one plays. Freeze Tag, in turn, is also a very fun mod. There were times when these servers were constantly crowded. I'm more than sure, they do not have people, because very few people know about them. The game itself is already old, and people, if they come to play, then, most likely, they will be played at a classical mode. I believe that they need advertising. I am ready to organize the Russian community (on our social networks) on behalf of our clan, for the population among Russian gamers. Maybe it will bring us more active people. Also, we need to continue the YouTube channel and keep the stream, who is not difficult (my computer just does not allow it). Maybe we should open a tournament server? It will attract people's attention. And we'll stream it. Let's make a button of donation for the participants. This will go to the prize pool and some percent on paying for servers.
  8. VanZy


    My nickname is Vanya_Armatura. P.S. I'm not very good play at it, since I have a weak PC and I'm a beginner in this game. Oh yes! You read thoughts heh
  9. VanZy


    This is true. I'll try to reinstall. Maybe everything will change
  10. VanZy


    Good job! After the last update, the textures became black. It's hard to play
  11. VanZy

    Ban appeal for AvoxX

    I do not have the authority to make such decisions. Expect when the main staff will answer you
  12. VanZy

    Ban appeal for AvoxX

    I'm not really good understand people and I know our rules. But I am sure that every person has a chance of getting better if he aware mistake and repentant. And if he will deceives, this it will remain on his conscience, as a man unable to hold back promises. In any case, we can ban him again without much difficulty. P.S. I do not know this person and do not try to protect him, I think it will be right, but it's not for me to decide.
  13. VanZy

    Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Good decision. Good luck with your education!
  14. VanZy


    With 20-30 fps on the minimum settings is not so easy to play
  15. VanZy

    Computer Showcase

    I think this is an excellent option for buying assembled PC. But I do not trust assembled PC.