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  1. I'm gonna start some streaming.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Wolfman


      I can but no one is watching them haha

      Will stream some tomorrow also playing this 4vs4 game from wildlands, AMAZING GAME


    3. VanZy


      Haha. Forgive me, Wolfman, but I do not often sit on twitch. I think it would be not bad to make announcements before streaming xD

    4. Wolfman


      I will ;)

      Good tip my friend.



  2. Wolfman


    i think that last update is great man, the grass looks lit. New gun coming in the game a hunter rifle ? SOund like a shit gun tbh.
  3. Wolfman


    I say GG and Goodnight
  4. Wolfman

    Ban appeal for AvoxX

    It is to late for you and you will not be unbanned. You had your chance when you made your first appeal to tell the truth and give your apologies, You did not and you did not reply back to us. What happend: Wolfman was the Obs and i saw him afk standing at the map i shoot him in the head so he was dead and he bant me permanently without sense and hes ban reason was ,,multyhack bye kiddo'' cuz i didnt used a hack, so i guess this was an Rage ban cuz he died at his own fault Appeal Denied -The IceOps staff
  5. Wolfman

    Computer Showcase

    I dont think i can wait longer xD I wanna play
  6. Wolfman


    Fortnite on pc is to easy xD I love playing it on the console to bad u dont.
  7. Wolfman


    You play on ps4 or pc?
  8. Wolfman

    Computer Showcase

    shuffle some nice game pc's here for me plz. I need a good game pc to run Dayz and pubg smooth. Special dayz need to be on ultra specs.
  9. Wolfman

    Computer Showcase

    So you say this pc is to high in price and to bad skilled ?
  10. Wolfman

    Computer Showcase

    I am going to buy this. I only need some people now to Judge if this will be a good one and why. I think it is a monster https://www.amazon.de/Megaport-i7-7700-GeForce-Windows-computer/dp/B01N9SCJ3M/ref=pd_sbs_147_5?ie=UTF8&language=nl_NL&psc=1&refRID=SXXJX8TRTJ39QAFX1DR5
  11. Wolfman


    Dear IceOps Lords. You have shown, in any kind of way, that IceOps means something to you in (yet again) any kind of way. Therefore we'd like to thank you! So here we are with a small heads up and a look over the shoulder about last year. Points of discussion in this message; A lot has happened the past few months. New extra Leader/management New Members/server moderators New Year (2018) New Goals for this year We have all welcomed our new leader @leiizko He has shown that he is someone with great leader skills. This man helped the existing IceOps staff to his fullest! We are all very grateful for your contribution and that's why we wanted to thank you once more. As everyone may have noticed we have had some promotions in the IceOps Staff lately; We did have 2 Promotions in our Management. @Mighty Jayster Took over a spot in the Headmember section. And TheMeanGuy @Kenai took a spot in the administration section. And two new Members. @Casarna @VanZy We have also welcomed our new server-mods: @John Yuki @[^4E^0S^7T] b.acid.exe Keep doing what you do and serve our servers against hackers/rule-breakers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Past year has been a year with the fullest excitement and ups and downs. Now we are living in the new year, This means we set new goals and made up new plans. To start with extention to multiple games like:, We have added DayZ and PUBG to the list but this was only the beginning. There is a poll open up to vote for a Minecraft server. The poll is set up by @Mighty Jayster. There will come more game's that will be added to the list. Would be great to extend to other consoles like Ps4 And Xbox. Do you feel like you're the one who can bring up some new idea's and games? Let us know! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ These spoken plans are the plans until now, as always plans are subject to change So keep tuned and keep your head up! We wanna make from our beloved IceOps an huge community with many new games and new members. We wish you once again an happy new year and a year full of surprises! Best regards, - IceOps Staff - Aquiz - Leiizko - Kenai - MightyJay - Wolfman
  12. Wolfman

    Report for Hunter

    Like @Kenai mentioned above : No Proof is no ban. Topic Closed -The IceOps Staff
  13. Wolfman

    Report for bobo

    Player banned 1d and 3 days comm-block. Thankyou for looking after our servers! -The IceOps staff
  14. Wolfman

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2018! Dont blow your fingers off, That will be the end of gaming with us!