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  2. nub goat


  3. BlackShark95

    New promotions for 2 members

    Good.. glad to hear it... deserved by both.. Congrats guys
  4. BlackShark95

    Letting inactive members go...

    Sad news... were good members and friends..
  5. BlackShark95

    abolish ban

    @minQkel @sam00 @DeltaMX Can unban you. Unfortuantely i can't.
  6. BlackShark95

    abolish ban

    Then it was my mistake to ban him. I apologize to you mate:)
  7. BlackShark95

    abolish ban

    I banned you 3 days ago.. Now i saw you again in the server. As far as i know you haven't been unbanned by anyone. So it is Banhopping.
  8. BlackShark95

    5 guys get high illegally

    I came for the title
  9. BlackShark95

    whitedevil noreason ban

    What.. will you now blame me if he had moved to another server @Rocky ?
  10. BlackShark95

    whitedevil noreason ban

    @Leto @Mc.Joker leave your opinions here please.
  11. BlackShark95

    whitedevil noreason ban

    I banned you for wh.. as @MeAgain said.. wait for opinions.. let the others decide.. i stay with my statement.
  12. BlackShark95

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    VIVA Iceops
  13. BlackShark95

    Project Reality

    You are right and i don't know why this is happening..
  14. BlackShark95

    Player puts out knife in weapon room

    Dis @Lookout and his locking ..
  15. BlackShark95

    Player puts out knife in weapon room

    Phew ,,, i just thought i was a rulebreaker ,,, or you both are sarcastic ;d