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  1. Netflix Suggestions

    The 100 Jessica jones, luke cage, iron fist, dare devil, the defenders. the punisher shooter dark 13 reasons why stranger things limitless sense 8 when youre done with these i might have a few others :>
  2. Good bye thread

    there defenitly was one.. should be still here
  3. Ban appeal for Ahmad-Ali

    you reap what you sow, no more playing on the iceobs servers for you. we wont forgive, we wont forget. hackers needs to be punished.
  4. Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    ah sad that you have to give up that position you were doing it great! but yeah study/family etc comes first. Good luck with your study!
  5. Ban appeal for AvoxX

    I do not expect you to get unbanned we handle a pretty strict policy against hackers. however you can always try. @Kenai @Wolfman maybe have a look at this
  6. Macro

    hm.. what i understand from these tools is that these(most of them atleast) only re-map keys and not make a specific macro. i have almost no coding experience so having to write a script myself is not really gonna work i'm afraid. (i have a razer blackwidow chroma keyboard)
  7. Macro

    Hey guys, I am wondereing if it is possible to make a macro on my keyboard to "mute/unmute" toggle a specific programm. I.E. When i press M1 key it mutes my discord app so i can hear everything in game better when needed. or mute pubg when that obnoxious redzone starts so i can listen to the discord better. have been googling a bit but i did not really find anything usefull or atleast what i can understand... if anyone knows how to do this, you'd be my hero
  8. Admin abuse for Wolfman

    wolfy has always been a good boy.
  9. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry christmas to you too guys! hope yer having a great time!
  10. Riddling Graphics!

    oh god this was so easy actually how did i not know i have one laying around here.
  11. Report for 4ESCAPE

    looks like just a wallhack but yeah still a good one to permban
  12. Report for Deins

    dont think there is anything wrong with it except for his fireing what looks like macro/scroll. the sliding etc is due to the higher speed of the server i think.
  13. Report for ANTON1 SPB

    Put a 2Day commsblock (Chat) if it happens again after that period please report.
  14. Nooooo, you changed your sexy glasses avatar, why?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 0sjors0


      its split into discord and steam:P  you can still make fun of me though TRY YOUR BEST!


    3. DavidO


      You're nobody now, hehe.

      Get it? No-body, hehehehe... hehe?


      Kill me pls ;___;

    4. 0sjors0


      ghehe as you wish



  15. Riddling Graphics!

    is this oc? because cheating aint working i have no idea what it can be