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  1. S J O R S My dog is dead.

    Are you still alive amigo?

  2. 0sjors0

    CSGO team

    dont rly know the ranks in cs but i guess it is a little abuve trash tier? :p jk probably good since you wanna boast about it haha
  3. 0sjors0

    Minecraft Opportunity

    i've been playing on a server with some colleagues from work lately. So i am definitely in for a server (preferably modded with technic stuff etc) also ii could probably get a friend of mine to join too since he's into the technical modded minecraft.
  4. 0sjors0


    i usually do that, disable all startup programms i dont need
  5. 0sjors0


    i now have an free trial of MBAM, dont really think i have any malware or rootkits. but that is also a good idea!
  6. 0sjors0


    alright. next time it happens i try running in safe mode + scans first and i am well aware of what downloads the crap i dont want so im safe with defender only
  7. 0sjors0


    dit that scan, https://gyazo.com/275639667a9d75a11548063d1066cc44 also ran MBAM before already. does it really matter if you're not in safe mode? other than that i trust windows defender for getting rid of viruses.
  8. 0sjors0


    all drivers are up to date (at least i think so, program tells me they are) MBAM found 2 registry malware things, maybe that fixed it
  9. 0sjors0


    the weird thing, if i would count up all the sources it wouldnt even come near that 26.2 gb of ram.. the leak would not be shown in the task messenger then. this is how it looks idle (high to low) https://gyazo.com/4eb986e94e5b1728c5c2415a56006848 and it would look pretty much the same when its using that much,,
  10. 0sjors0


    its nowhere to be found in the process list. highest using program was firefox, with 1.6 gb... cant find anything on google either. dont know what i am searching for haha but a reboot fixes this.. now its at 8.4 gb kinda idle
  11. 0sjors0


    just noticed something on my ram usage, it is unusually high(not as i had before where it was completely used) but it still slows everything down (games stutter etc) https://gyazo.com/5257d3473378acf7300137ef52d6ccb4 here is the link for the screenshot, it also tells allocated ram 28.9/63.9 gb although i only have 32gb ram?
  12. 0sjors0

    Server updates

    crash and crossfire arent even that bad on low population (what is considered a low population?) playing 3v3 or something on those two is ok. not great just ok
  13. 0sjors0

    IceOps expanding over to CS:GO

    well i brought it more or less like that but they just dont feel like playing with people they dont know..
  14. 0sjors0

    IceOps expanding over to CS:GO

    i may join sometime but nor for now. i have already tried to "recruit" my friends for pubg and LOL but they are too much of an casual player to really care about an cummunity and just want to play with friends alone
  15. 0sjors0

    CSGO team

    i have it, played it once for 30 mins and quit. other games i do play on a daily basis are LOL and PUBG but like said only advertising name can maybe work, bot for LOL you'll need atleast 5 members for a group to show the tag and in PUBG you cant change your name yet... (lame)