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  1. Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    ah sad that you have to give up that position you were doing it great! but yeah study/family etc comes first. Good luck with your study!
  2. Ban appeal for AvoxX

    I do not expect you to get unbanned we handle a pretty strict policy against hackers. however you can always try. @Kenai @Wolfman maybe have a look at this
  3. Macro

    hm.. what i understand from these tools is that these(most of them atleast) only re-map keys and not make a specific macro. i have almost no coding experience so having to write a script myself is not really gonna work i'm afraid. (i have a razer blackwidow chroma keyboard)
  4. Macro

    Hey guys, I am wondereing if it is possible to make a macro on my keyboard to "mute/unmute" toggle a specific programm. I.E. When i press M1 key it mutes my discord app so i can hear everything in game better when needed. or mute pubg when that obnoxious redzone starts so i can listen to the discord better. have been googling a bit but i did not really find anything usefull or atleast what i can understand... if anyone knows how to do this, you'd be my hero
  5. Admin abuse for Wolfman

    wolfy has always been a good boy.
  6. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry christmas to you too guys! hope yer having a great time!
  7. Riddling Graphics!

    oh god this was so easy actually how did i not know i have one laying around here.
  8. Report for 4ESCAPE

    looks like just a wallhack but yeah still a good one to permban
  9. Report for Deins

    dont think there is anything wrong with it except for his fireing what looks like macro/scroll. the sliding etc is due to the higher speed of the server i think.
  10. Report for ANTON1 SPB

    Put a 2Day commsblock (Chat) if it happens again after that period please report.
  11. Nooooo, you changed your sexy glasses avatar, why?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 0sjors0


      its split into discord and steam:P  you can still make fun of me though TRY YOUR BEST!


    3. DavidO


      You're nobody now, hehe.

      Get it? No-body, hehehehe... hehe?


      Kill me pls ;___;

    4. 0sjors0


      ghehe as you wish



  12. Riddling Graphics!

    is this oc? because cheating aint working i have no idea what it can be
  13. Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    saved the abstract one, its nice
  14. Inactive members + Update

    i love the new screenshot site, just wish the viewed links would go purple like in the old one because i always took a look at all the screenshots and sometimes find hackers that werent dealt with yet. hats off to @leiizko @Aquiz FANTASTIC work
  15. Clan update! Important!

    thats great! :> we'll manage! welkome leiizko hope your work (and the others ofcourse) will boost iceops to an liveley community again.