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  1. XOX27

    New rules please

    Also me, i do hate campers and gernade launchers, But otherwise I like it cause it make's me feel the real Call of Duty. What do you expect... If You Feel bad ? Try This... Lol
  2. XOX27

    Ban appeal for Cruv tooby

    Damn, All of bad stuff and you oppose You deserve it mate
  3. XOX27

    Ban appeal for Cruv tooby

    I must to tell you that its impossiblity to ban you without any worthy reason. Just sayin'
  4. XOX27

    Ban appeal for Cruv tooby

    hahahahaha, i can't
  5. XOX27

    Can't download Kill the king mod files

  6. XOX27

    Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

    Am i winner ? Its IcE 'QueNNch
  7. XOX27

    Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

    I am winner I guess
  8. XOX27

    Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

    Knew It, Ice QueNNch I Guess...
  9. XOX27

    Quick Giveaway (Uplay)

    Ice +something i dunno
  10. XOX27

    Can't download Kill the king mod files

    I Think its because u have Highter Rank ...
  11. XOX27

    Report for 420

    in last pic, these cars, he was jumping on it and killing with G3
  12. XOX27

    Report for 420

    If this is false report then am sorry, but i found this cheating...
  13. XOX27

    Report for 420

    Player's name: 420 Player's PlayerID: IN proof Server: Hard core TDM Please describe what happened:  He Was Out of map, Killing people from out of map Proof:
  14. XOX27

    Can't download Kill the king mod files

    How to change name:- 1. scroll up To ur Profile Pic And Press the Arrow. 2.Press Account Settings. 3.In The left side you can see Settings, Press Display Name. 4. Change it (Note: You Are allowed to change the name one in 300 days.) Hope this work!
  15. XOX27

    Ban appeal for Stephan

    Then he deserve it....