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  1. 610 *.*

    Camping Rule

    Hi Marcaida, thank you for your suggestion. We already think on something like that, especially because sometimes -like you said- 34 damage is not that effective. Let's wait and see if the developers can spend some of their time on that, I think it's a valid suggestion. Thank you again 610 *.*
  2. 610 *.*

    Admin Abuse Report for 610 *.*

    I'm glad you dedicate some time of your life for me, but if I wrote "nice education", don't you think who's reading is wondering why I wrote it? As if you had omitted the "braindead" part, after my "you lagged" part. Then you can teach everything that Google is not capable of. lol
  3. 610 *.*

    got banned ?

    I think he's clean
  4. 610 *.*

    Map rotation

    I said that we already explained our ideas, don't need now to continue spamming like two politicians. I think was clear
  5. 610 *.*

    Map rotation

    My idea of fun is the many players idea. Already explained Please, we say our ideas, don't just cotinue to spam like two politic =) Thank you for the reply leiizko
  6. 610 *.*

    Map rotation

    When I play, I only see people who enjoy killhouse. However, ours are only considerations, because we can't have an equal judgment 'cause the majority of the people doesn't answer, and I read somewhere that this is - rightly - the reason why there isn't a votation system. Like you say, there are 100+ different players almost everday. It's just for fun. It should be the aim of a game.
  7. 610 *.*

    Map rotation

    Actually two. Here. I have not take the count of the players in game. I play a little bit always at the same times (more or less). And objectively there are more players (what this involves is another story). I got the meaning of killhouse map: just fun. When a couple of days ago you skip killhouse, you see how people reacted.
  8. 610 *.*

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Wolfman, I've made a mistake with "storm" reason (I've explained the slot thing that confused me). The "shut up" reason that I've posted obviously wasn't done from me, but from stom to me. Sorry but I have to correct you, because it's something I care about. Did you see any kind of offence made by me? I'm not even reading storm replies 'cause I can immagine the level of the discussion The reason of the first kick I've made to him was the name of his in-game nick: "THIS SERVER IS FULL TROLL" If you think it wasn't a good reason, sorry. I like this server and it hurted me. I don't even knew he was storm. lol I made my apologies in game with the players, I've to do the same here in the right topic.
  9. 610 *.*

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Hi Benemoth, glad to read you. Sorry for that, but as you can understand, I unfortunately have to answer if someone accuses me (I think you'll do the same). But from the answers you can see who's more mature than the other one Just a couple of screens to understand with who we are talking to And then he kicked me cause he was admin. lol Again, sorry for this kind of discussion, but then again, I think it is my right to defend myself from this... this. lol
  10. 610 *.*

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    I mean, c'mon. lol Just the first reason I've picked up For sure I'll make my apologies to pale and Mrooie also in game, but it's obvious I'm not the one who have to do that
  11. 610 *.*

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Just told to Kenai my lovely fan of your cheat to change automatically slot number when kicked/banned Soon I'll do my post, don't worry. You don't know how much I Iove you lol
  12. 610 *.*

    Map rotation

    Oh thank you *.* And I don't know why, but something in my mind told me that Killhouse was in =)
  13. 610 *.*

    Map rotation

    Hello, I think (not only me, but for now I speak for myself) there are too many maps that most of the people doesn't want, and this is one of the things that are destroying the partecipation in the server. Example: sunday morning, from crash to backlot an average of about 25 players at 12:30 am, in district and ambush now we are in 5. Between backlot and district there is downpuor. And I still don't mention creek and countdown. Imho 610 *.*
  14. 610 *.*

    Don't wanna be admin anymore

    Thank you all for the answers and the pm. Fox catches what I mean "From what I know, camping is still allowed but uncouraged thanks to the anti-camp system". And IJzzo too "In all seriously when you can not kill that guy camping there at the same spot for the whole game - I am sorry to say that - then you are probably not a good player". That is the same think when I wrote "I love campers, you always know where to kill em". (just a funny way to say that I hate em =). If you have to kick campers, let's define the parameters, but then the admins have to do only that all the time: spec players. So you rightly implement anti-camp misures, like 34 dmg. Now, I think m21 and p90 need to be nerfed, but we need updates. We are humans, this is stil a game (some people forget this), so when it will be, it'll be. No rush. Until then (and also after, if they won't be banned) people can use the weapon they prefer. But, for example, if you implement a self-destruction after 10 sec without moving, and at the 9th sec the player starts to freakly run around the room just to reset the counter, and then positionate himself again at the window for 9 sec and so on, we can't kick him. There is a rule. The same thing for dmg rule. Without the respect of these rules, the area will continue to stay grey.
  15. Hi, I don't like campers and I'm not one of them, but like I use to say "I love campers, you always know where to kill em". lol I suggested to implement like a self-destruction after 10 sec of camp or something like that, but obviously it takes time. After that, I use m21, a sniper gun, in a couple of maps. It's sniping, it's not a sniper server where all rushes randomly in the map, so it suppose to stay in one point. On the other hand, if you wanna rush with sniper it's your choice, like mine it's to stay and snip. In my case i was sniping in an house on strike, not same point cause the house has at least 5 diffents point of view for snip, but kmb warned me. rofl So I'm tired to see people warned cause he's sniping and accused of camping with no objective values, warned cause "you can't arguing with an admin" (why? the others are sh*t?) and something like that. Edit: ah, thank you Kenai, Behemoth, Fox, VanZy and ProXict (love killhouse+shipment combo) for accempting me. Kindly 610