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  1. Click here and follow !


    I made a new twitch account.. i wanna go fulltime on twitch and go pro.

    I do wanna make $ with this in the future so if you like my content, click on the link above and drop a like.

    Donation is also welcome so i could buy a new Game PC/setup 

    After my first 50 followers i will go stream 8h a day and Promoot our IceOps community Live.


    Cheers guys!


  2. Wolfman

    Ban Apeal Registerd Flex offender part 2

    Dear @Registered Flex Offender, Thank you for your Ban Appeal, Unhappy to say it, but i think you are unlucky again. There is no proof granted to you're Ban. ( this means either it has been forgotten or there is no proof at all. ) sorry for the long wait and no response of anyone here. If you have any problems reconnecting please let us know. Appeal Granted -IceOps Staff
  3. Wolfman

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    Just to be clear about the language.. You just give them a warning and if it doesnt work you can kick them with a reason like : offensive language. If they keep flaming and spamming words like ( Cancer this cancer that **** **** ) Just give them a temp-ban or a Chat-ban. Also you can not Kick someone out of defense... If some one flames you hard you tell him to stop if that doesnt work read above. Whenever you kick someone you need to have a valid reason.. There are no sush things as STORM or shut up. You can not use SHUT UP ! You are an example. @610 *.* I think you guys need to grow up and stop insulting eachother all the time.. If you dont like someone just ignore him.. Play the game and shoot instead of talk. Let this be the final warning. just enjoy gaming The only thing you need to say is GG when the game is over.
  4.   :drunk::rofl:

  5. S J O R S My dog is dead.

    Are you still alive amigo?

  6. Do you ever wear a Wanzy ?

    1. VanZy


      nope xD

  7. The new guy Chacky chan was already taken.

  8. Crazy Russian raptor guy

    Are you still as bad with English as I am with russian ?

    Nyet commerad


  9. Rami bal bowa 

    Brother of Rocky bal bowa



    1. Behemoth




  10. waky waky mister fox

  11. Wolfman

    Report for Eskay

    I'm also wondering why you dont add any proof to your bans. That demo is a bit short to judge tho.. First 2 min the uav is on so i wont say it is wh that fast. When the uav stopt i could only watch 30 sec before he got banned. I want @Kenai to take a look at this. I dont have the great eyes anymore for this stuff cuz i was out for a few months.
  12. Wolfman

    Add more maps maybe?

    We should add more maps aswell.
  13. Wolfman

    Report for Vili

    Thank you for your Report! The player has been banned for 3 days. Thank you for looking out for our Server! Next Ban will be perm. -The IceOps Staff
  14. Another stream this time on the PS4 ( DayZ Standalone ) 
    Language is in Dutch so get a translater or just ignore us :P.
    More vids are coming cuz im streaming almost every night on the youtube page above.

    Hope u guys enjoy this. Totaal 7 kills in this video. Cheers:beer:

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvtelF59-rM Yesterday i had 2 good runs.. Here is one run.


    I did drink some beers so i kinda sound hyper happy :P 


    There is also another guy talking he was playing a duo with another guy.


    ( Dutch anyway )


    Hope u guys enjoy

  16. Wolfman

    Ban appeal for wolverine

    So far i know i banned you a few years ago... these files got deleted because of the DDOS and a few months after @VanZy banned u for the same reason. Your ban will not be lifted as we do NOT unban hackers. Ban Appeal Denied. -IceOps Staff
  17. I'm gonna start some streaming.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Wolfman


      I can but no one is watching them haha

      Will stream some tomorrow also playing this 4vs4 game from wildlands, AMAZING GAME


    3. VanZy


      Haha. Forgive me, Wolfman, but I do not often sit on twitch. I think it would be not bad to make announcements before streaming xD

    4. Wolfman


      I will ;)

      Good tip my friend.



  18. Wolfman


    i think that last update is great man, the grass looks lit. New gun coming in the game a hunter rifle ? SOund like a shit gun tbh.
  19. Wolfman


    I say GG and Goodnight
  20. Wolfman

    Ban appeal for AvoxX

    It is to late for you and you will not be unbanned. You had your chance when you made your first appeal to tell the truth and give your apologies, You did not and you did not reply back to us. What happend: Wolfman was the Obs and i saw him afk standing at the map i shoot him in the head so he was dead and he bant me permanently without sense and hes ban reason was ,,multyhack bye kiddo'' cuz i didnt used a hack, so i guess this was an Rage ban cuz he died at his own fault Appeal Denied -The IceOps staff
  21. Wolfman

    Computer Showcase

    I dont think i can wait longer xD I wanna play
  22. Wolfman


    Fortnite on pc is to easy xD I love playing it on the console to bad u dont.
  23. Wolfman


    You play on ps4 or pc?