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  1. Tyrannos

    Admin abuse

  2. Tyrannos

    Admin abuse

    on yours it is an insident?
  3. Tyrannos

    Admin abuse

    I have sent it personally since I couldn't write in the previous conversation. that correspondence has been already closed! Well and? Do you draw to yourself attention in such a way?
  4. Tyrannos

    IceOps Reborn

  5. Tyrannos

    IceOps Reborn

    It was heavy to enter this clan! I don't know what waits for me! I for you am insufficiently good! P.S. The bad guy!
  6. Tyrannos

    Time killing Firas

    Sometimes I play on this server. It is not the reason for the prohibition.
  7. Tyrannos

    Demotion MinQkel

    I miss you. Where my old friend?!!
  8. Tyrannos


    GOD save Head Member!
  9. Tyrannos

    I lost my stats

    Du der erwachsene Mensch! Allen kann man ändern!
  10. Tyrannos


    Aller wird bald! Mein Freund!
  11. Tyrannos


    On a photo not I!!!
  12. Tyrannos


    With the coming new year of all brothers!