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  1. Tyrannos

    VULKAN's Ban Appeal

    A permanent ban is forever!
  2. Tyrannos

    IceOps RoZo server needs more maps !

    Maybe he's right!
  3. Tyrannos

    Mods for our inactive Servers

    Freez tag add bots 5 vs 5 / http://mwgame.ru/downloads/39-boty-dlja-call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-pezbot-011p.html
  4. Tyrannos

    Report for ahmaDlmtiaZ

    Is it just me, or are you really going to return to the clan?
  5. Tyrannos

    Reintroducing old gamemodes

    Hey I have long wanted to suggest adding bots on freezing. At least 5 vs 5 ! Sometimes I even want to play on this server myself.
  6. Tyrannos

    Reintroducing old gamemodes

    I suggest showing a list of our servers after each completed game.
  7. Tyrannos

    Report for Kiiara

    Is the problem relevant at the moment? I think we can close this question!
  8. Tyrannos

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

  9. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Greetings to all. The guys with whom I wanted to arrange a tournament, for some reason, refused. Maybe someone has friends who want to participate?
  10. Tyrannos

    Report for Kiiara

    как это влияет на твою игру? how does this affect your game?
  11. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    So we expect to do!
  12. Tyrannos

    Welcome Ninja-Gaming in IceOps!

    Cool! I will be glad to see the addition of our ranks! Where are these fighters?
  13. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Let's do it next year! We will not find the best of us, but we must become more friendly and active!
  14. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Can we start training ourselves 4 vs 4. Or will we prepare a team of 5 players?
  15. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    maybe so.