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  1. Tyrannos

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

  2. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Hello everybody! Friends, I want to invite you to remember the old tradition of holding tournaments! We have a suitable server. so what are we waiting for? Let's put together a team of four people and a few spare ones. What do you say?
  3. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Greetings to all. The guys with whom I wanted to arrange a tournament, for some reason, refused. Maybe someone has friends who want to participate?
  4. Tyrannos

    Report for Kiiara

    как это влияет на твою игру? how does this affect your game?
  5. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    So we expect to do!
  6. Tyrannos

    Welcome Ninja-Gaming in IceOps!

    Cool! I will be glad to see the addition of our ranks! Where are these fighters?
  7. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Let's do it next year! We will not find the best of us, but we must become more friendly and active!
  8. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Can we start training ourselves 4 vs 4. Or will we prepare a team of 5 players?
  9. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    maybe so.
  10. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    When we are ready, then we will find an opponent!
  11. Tyrannos

    organization of the tournament

    Friends! I suggest we resume our tournaments! The rest is up to the moderators and the clan management!
  12. Tyrannos

    sanchejioo's Ban Appeal

    Это не игнор, просто никто не должен принимать участие в твоем словесном поносе! Тебе озвучили причину, имеешь право с ней не согласится, но не более!
  13. Tyrannos

    sanchejioo's Ban Appeal

    This show is enough. "sanchejioo" and "-ANTITELO-" is one and the same player. If you found one of his profiles guilty, then it's time to ban the second one!
  14. Tyrannos

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    I fully support this form of ban, because technologies can hide banned programs! This is the only way out at this time, we are going back to the old proven method! The vote of the members of the clan!!! P.S. ban!
  15. Tyrannos

    sanchejioo's Ban Appeal

    Здравствуй. Если ты не часть санчелла, то сообщу тебе что твой ник мне очень давно знаком. Возможно он даже присутствует на одном из моих немногочисленных роликов в ютубе. Но попрошу тебя отказаться от высказываний или осуждений в адрес участников данного сообщества! Твои доводы совершенно необоснованны и неуместны! Если тебя не устраивают действия администрации, то поменяй игровой сервер! Hello. If you're not part of sanchell, I'll let you know that I've known your nickname for a very long time. He may even be present on one of my few YouTube videos. But I ask you to refrain from making statements or condemning the members of this community! Your arguments are completely unfounded and inappropriate! If you are not satisfied with the actions of the administration, then change the game server!
  16. Tyrannos

    sanchejioo's Ban Appeal

    sanchejioo Приветствую тебя! Огромная просьба использовать по правилам данного сообщества английский язык. Greetings to you! Please use the English language according to the rules of this community. ------------------------ Начну с того, что уже несколько раз у тебя был запрет из за оскорблений и плохого языка. Так и на демо ты умудряешься игнорировать правила сервера и наносишь оскорбления игрокам. Цитирую: " **** ты шавка квадратная", " ***** квадратная". Для чего ты выбираешь такую модель поведения, если знаешь что это пресекалось неоднократно?! To begin with, you've already been banned several times because of insults and bad language. So on the demo, you manage to ignore the server rules and insult the players. I quote: "* * * * you're a square mutt", "* * * * * square". Why do you choose such a model of behavior, if you know that it was stopped repeatedly?! ------------------------ Ну а основное это то, что администратор может дать постоянный запрет основываясь на демо. Скриншоты здесь не причем. Другие члены клана могут в течении некоторого времени рассматривать твой вопрос! Примут решение снять запрет либо оставить его. Well, the main thing is that the administrator can give a permanent ban based on the demo. Screenshots have nothing to do with it. Other members of the clan may consider your question for some time! They will decide to lift the ban or leave it. ------------------------ Ну а теперь мое решение по этому вопросу! Я полностью согласен с запретом который вынес Кенай! На доказательствах много явных причин использования обманов (запрещенных программ). Перечислять их не вижу смысла! Рекомендую тебе поискать другой сервер для игры! Всего хорошего! Well, now my decision on this issue! I fully agree with the ban that Kenai imposed! There are many obvious reasons for using deceptions (prohibited programs) on the evidence. I don't see the point in listing them! I recommend that you look for another server to play on! All the best!
  17. Tyrannos

    got banned ?

    Apparently it was a temporary use.
  18. Tyrannos

    got banned ?

    it looks like there is a violation in demo 0051. I think this is the use of WH.
  19. Oh yeah... I don't like it either!
  20. Tyrannos

    610 Full abuse of admin power

    My friend, it's too late to give a warning, we need to stop this! @$t0rM [= deserves a permanent ban on the forum and servers. I am against insults anyone of our clan members. And our guy needs a serious warning!
  21. Tyrannos

    Map rotation

    break... just make the server the best!!!
  22. Tyrannos


  23. Tyrannos

    Things have to change asap

    Every opinion must be heard! We must understand that only together we become stronger. If any of us need help we must provide it! But there are also time-tested moments. Let's try to take everything into account and make the right decision!
  24. Tyrannos

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

  25. Tyrannos

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    There is a big difference! You unfortunately have a violation! This is a multi hack.