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  1. Kenai

    FuTuR3's Ban Appeal

    Dear, @FuTuR3 Thanks for making this Ban Appeal. You say that you were playing normally like other days- May I ask when you were banned or last played on one of our Servers as you were banned over 2 years ago. The Name and Proof will be down below(Click reveal hidden content to see) Due to the evidence provided I'm afraid you won't be getting unbanned. -Appeal Denied -IceOps Staff
  2. Kenai

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    Glad to hear, closing post as the player has connected successfully.
  3. Kenai

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    @keystop You’ve been unbanned, if you have trouble connecting back to the Servers let us know here. Will leave this opened for 2 days for confirmation.
  4. Kenai

    no answer

    @keystop Your Appeal has been replied to, Please click Here to review what has been said. Closing as there is an Appeal in Progress and this isn't an actual 'Admin Abuse.' -Locked- -IceOps Staff
  5. Kenai

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    Dear @keystop, Thank you for making this Ban Appeal, Down below are reasons to the ban and how to fix it- Reason- As @IJzzo has shown with the screenshot, There is no smoke coming from the Missile Silos, Please Note: It has nothing to do with how low or high your graphics are set as this is strictly the result of the game you torrented(Cracked, as in don't have the CD version or a Steam version of the game) There have been a few players with this exact problem but only on the map Countdown where they can see through the smoke generated by the Silos. To be unbanned read the following below- In order to fix this and to be unbanned you're going to have to download a different COD4 torrent as the one you have (Presumably Russian) is broken. Once you've done this you will be unbanned, however if the new one has the same problem you'll be banned again and this whole process will start again. -IceOps Staff
  6. Kenai


    Dear @pardo Thanks for your report. Though next time please go Here and select 'Report a Player' and fill out the required parameters next time. They have been banned. -IceOps Staff
  7. Kenai

    |Ao3| saaRloos's Ban Appeal

    Dear @|Ao3| saaRloos Thank you for your appeal, My search shows that the nickname of the ban was under 'DJ_Duck :D' however there doesn't seem to be any proof for this ban reason and thus you will be unbanned. Please enjoy your gaming experience during your time on our Servers. P.S; If you have any problems connecting please feel free to create a new post or message us on Discord. -Ban Appeal Accepted -IceOps Staff
  8. Kenai

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    Sadly I don’t know know but I’m assuming a file is missing.
  9. Kenai

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    Then it’s only a bug with the map Countdown.
  10. Kenai

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    Like I said, In the demo there IS smoke, but there is no smoke on YOUR game. Meaning that this problem is with your Game that you downloaded from that website. I'd suggest to download it from a different website as this one seems to be bugged.
  11. Kenai

    sanchejioo's Ban Appeal

    I can't download it.
  12. Kenai

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    What are you talking about? The screenshots on the first page are Yours and Mine, Yours being on top and mine being in the spoiler below. As for the Demo, The Youtube video IS the demo, It's what I see in the demo. I'm not talking about smoke grenades here, I'm talking about the smoke that is coming out of the Missile Silo's.
  13. Kenai

    sanchejioo's Ban Appeal

    Sadly I can't see the video, I can only hear the sound.
  14. Kenai

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    @-ANTITELO- Here is the video of what is wrong - You tell me, Can you see 47Ronin in those two kills, because I can't.
  15. Kenai

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    I don't see how it's fine. Must be with your game. I'll record and show you what I mean.