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  1. Kenai

    he is using wallhack and aimbot

    Player has now been banned for Multi-Hack, But next time please use the correct Form by clicking Here or by clicking 'Forms' at the top of the page above the chatbox and selecting 'Report a Player' and fill out the required fields. -IceOps Staff
  2. Kenai


    He should have power on that server, not necessarily in-game powers but the power on SourceBans.
  3. Kenai

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

    Dear @alexander.natterer Thanks for your Appeal and sorry it has taken this long to reply to your Appeal. There isn't sufficient enough proof to keep you banned, You have now been unbanned and we hope you enjoy playing on our servers again! P.S; If there is a problem reconnecting please let us know! I'll keep this thread open until you can connect without any problems. -IceOps Staff
  4. Kenai

    Appeal from ROCK68

    Please fill out the correct form.
  5. Kenai

    Report for blackhawk

    Dear @^2Own3d Thanks for your Report, The player has been banned under the new name of 'urmumgae' for aimbotting. -IceOps Staff
  6. Kenai

    Report for 1488

    Player was banned under the name 'Miktoor' as they're the same person as '1488'
  7. Kenai

    Report for FINAL GAME BABY

    Dear @^2Own3d Thanks for your Report, I will admit the second from last kill(Aie-18) looks like Roccat- However it is a bit short and not enough to warrant a ban sadly, But you can always get more proof unless someone else submits a report with enough evidence. -IceOps Staff
  8. Kenai

    Report for RaZvE 9 4ItEr?!

    Dear @^2Own3d Thanks for your Report, Player has been banned. -IceOps Staff
  9. Kenai

    Report for madmax

    Dear @^2Own3d Thanks for your Report, The player has been banned. -IceOps Staff
  10. Kenai

    Report for xadeao

    Dear @^2Own3d Thanks for your Report, However this player was banned before this report was made but thanks for looking out for our Servers! -IceOps Staff
  11. Kenai

    [Insulting] 0TMOR0ZOK

    Dear @the MINION I can't go off of a previous ban without the Players' ID(Could be different you never know.) Please create a new topic Here and fill in the required fields, Thank you. -IceOps Staff
  12. Kenai

    Report A.Q.I.M.

    Dear @BociekPL Thanks for your Report, Screenshots really don't count as proof for hacking but they do work for players that are Glitching(I.E: Elevators) or abusive players. Below is how to make a Demo- Just click the link and read 'Making a Demo' and 'Finding and checking your demos' Now back to the original topic- The player 'A.Q.I.M.' has been reported a few times already however there just isn't any sufficient proof for warranting a ban. You can always get proof and create a new 'Report a Player' topic if you get more proof of said player or anyone else. -IceOps Staff
  13. Kenai

    Report for xBit

    I wouldn’t really call that a glitch as anyone can jump to it. Now if he did the elevator glitch to get ontop of blue building then that would be considered one. But me personally I wouldn’t give a warning or ban.
  14. Kenai

    BeL1NgO's Ban Appeal

    Dear @BeL1NgO thanks for your ban appeal, you're not banned on our servers- Seems @Rem-Chan edited their ban on you to only 1 minute you should be able to play now, However if you have any problems connecting don't be afraid to ask me or another Admin. -IceOps Staff
  15. Kenai

    Patrus's Ban Appeal

    @Patrus Thanks for your Appeal- This is why you were banned: As you can see the enemy is almost bright green and very easy to see against the wall, Weapon Skins are allowed but player skins like this or any color including but not limited to are Red, Blue, Orange, etc. For their Heads/Body parts. Since you've appealed we will unban you but keep in mind that this is your only chance of being unbanned and if caught with skins like these again the next ban will stay. -IceOps Staff