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  1. Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Good luck with your education and living on your own, Should be tough for only a little bit until you get used to things, Then you can come back when things have calmed down xP
  2. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas to all of IceOps and to the Community, Hope you all have a delightful day and week! Best of Wishes, The IceOps Family!
  3. Report for Hunter

    Like I said previously, it doesn't mean they're hacking. If you believe they are then please, record them and provide the demo here so we may look at it and make a proper decision- Because I don't ban players without good reasoning/proof.
  4. Report for Hunter

    Just because their Screenshots are black doesn't mean they're hacking. If you think they are then the only way to prove it is to do it the old fashioned way and record them and provide the proof here. I'll keep the topic open in-case you want to provide a demo. -IceOps Staff
  5. Report for Deins

    I basically just put this into my config- bind 2 "weapnext;wait;wait;weapprev" I put it right below- bind 1 "weapnext" At the very top. Change the bind to whatever key you want(Mine is 2.)
  6. Report for Deins

    To me I didn't really see any of that, Looked like he stopped running and shot. Didn't look like he was sprinting and shooting.
  7. Report for Deins

    Scroll shooting/Macro/Script shooting isn't allowed, Now if you made a bind that made you shoot while running then that's against the rules because that's way to unfair, The weaponswitch bind only cancels the reload time but even that doesn't work sometimes on the HC server as it still makes you reload which is why I don't have a problem with that bind as it doesn't give any unfairness to others. In all fairness I don't see anything to ban them for other than a couple times where he fired funny that's about it.
  8. Report for Deins

    He clearly has Recoil(M14 is jumping around), There is no hack or reduction he is using- Yes players can control the spray of their weapon(I know I can, So if I can do it I'm sure more can.) The strafe looks normal to me, Sure it looks like he's sliding but that could be his FPS jumping from 240-300 which when I play I use 333. Could be using some kind of Weaponswitch bind(Which anyone can do it so I allow it) Maybe it's binded with sprinting somehow(Don't really see a problem with that as it barely gives an advantage over the weaponswitch bind, Basically the same thing IMO.) Only thing I found odd was how he fired at the Helicopter fast with the M14 and a couple others that's about it. And yes, The AK is one of the most OP weapons as it barely has recoil and if it did, then it's very controllable when you know how to use it.
  9. Ban appeal for Cens in Love

    Ban removed due to Mistake. Ban Appeal Accepted -The IceOps Staff
  10. Ban appeal for kaviboyzz

    Hello, kaviboyzz but we're sorry on your request- Bans for Cheating will NOT be removed. Guess next time you want to get some experience with a hack is to just watch a video of it instead of downloading it and using it and thus getting caught and banned. Ban Appeal Denied -The IceOps Staff
  11. Hard Drive Failure

    I bought the WD Blue 6TB (5400RPM) for $200.
  12. Hard Drive Failure

    Update- So I've gotten my new HDD, but sadly when I tried to clone it with Clonezilla I got a bad sector error. So now I'm just going to be doing it normally by copying and pasting files to the new drive.
  13. SSD/OS problems

    Nope, Sorry xD
  14. SSD/OS problems

    Or they could be false positives xD