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  1. Kenai

    report for Ronin

    Dear @Leon, Thank you for submitting a report about this player-- However the demo doesn't show any kind of wallhack. Looks like they were using sound to locate where enemy fire is/was coming from, or they might've known the spawn locations. -Inconclusive Evidence -IceOps Staff
  2. Kenai

    Bryanwayer's Ban Appeal

    There, you should be able to connect without any problems now.
  3. Kenai

    Ranking up Query

    Glad you were able to figure it out and have since fixed your issue. -IceOps Staff
  4. Kenai

    Bryanwayer's Ban Appeal

    So, The first part of what you did is within our rules however the Bounce that you did later is not which was why you were banned. You will be unbanned however make sure you don't do anymore Bounces or Elevators as you'll be banned again. First jump is fine, Second is not. P.S; If you have any problems rejoining post it here. -IceOps Staff
  5. Kenai

    Ranking up Query

    Dear @Myst Sorry for the late response, It could be because of the mod we are using. You might have to create a new profile and play on a different server maybe until level 5 and then try ours after that and see if that fixes your problem. Hope this helps. -IceOps Staff
  6. Kenai

    Bryanwayer's Ban Appeal

    Dear @Bryanwayer If you could submit a demo/clip of the actions that led up to the ban then that would be helpful in this case. Since the evidence we have is now lost we would still like to see the actions that led up to the ban so all parties involved can be aware if you did anything that broke any of the rules(Bounce/Elevator to get somewhere you can’t normally get to without doing one of those two.) -IceOps Staff
  7. Kenai

    Muayyad1999's Ban Appeal

    Dear @Muayyad1999, Thank you for submitting your appeal and my apology for not getting to this days ago. I've gone ahead and unbanned you but you should take better care in what you say to other players as next time you'll be muted or even worse-- staying permanently banned. -IceOps Staff
  8. Kenai

    Reintroducing old gamemodes

    I've created a new Thread located Here that has a voting system put in place(I can add more choices in the future of other players that agree on different ones in a different Thread-- Which also has a link to be clicked for Users that chose 'Other' to suggest other mods.) P.S; I will probably be posting a Poll in the 'Announcements' channel on Discord that way the Community may see the Poll and thus give more votes or other opinions.
  9. Please select an option above (They are multiple choice options so you can select more than one!) If you choose the option "Other' then please go Here and make a suggestion.
  10. Please create a new post down below of what other mod/mods you would like and a reason why or a small description of what the mod is about. Feel free to leave a Link to the mod you're referring for a simpler way instead of giving a description. Please make sure your post has these filled in Mod Name Mod Link/Description
  11. Kenai

    Report for ahmaDlmtiaZ

    Will ban them when I’m able to get on the PC, unless another Admin gets to it first. Should've used this SS instead
  12. Kenai

    alfonso.h ban appeal

    We don't take bribes here at IceOps-- However you're free to donate but not in any way to be unbanned/get special treatment from the Staff. I only banned you because of the Rule breaking, yes you were insulting players however you were breaking certain Rules-- #1 No profanity #2 No childish behavior #3 No racism or discrimination of any kind #5 No offensive language and #6 No overriding of the censoring mechanism (It is there for a reason!) In a way yes you're correct about yourself as you've been Muted a few times and still never learned your lesson so we shall see if you can reform yourself. --Ban Appeal downgraded to Perm Mute-- -IceOps Staff
  13. Kenai

    Boosted's Ban Appeal

    Dear @Boosted, Thank you for making a Ban Appeal, However due to the fact that you were using an Elebot- Which is considered a hack as it's a program from outside of COD4, and can be found on Cheating Websites, and thus needs an injector to be used you will not be getting unbanned. Even though you were only using it to do a bounce you should've thought twice about using this type of hack and should've used it on a private server that you created instead. Demo is down below if needing to see. Appeal Denied -IceOps Staff not_boosted_dm_1.4ea283e2ef656c82260853e55ae74daf Rename the File to 'not boosted.dm_1' for above
  14. Kenai

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

    I didn’t say there was ‘hacking’ in the demos. I was referring to you being kicked when taking screenshots, but as you’ve already stated that you were hacking already so the ban stays, and if you avoid this ban then it’s an automatic perm ban on any account you rejoin with so have a nice day. I’m always watching -IceOps Staff
  15. Kenai

    alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

    Dear @alexander.natterer, Thank you for making a Ban Appeal and sorry for the long awaited response as I've been on hiatus the past week. Since you've admitted to hacking you will not be getting unbanned as this helps us protect the Server, the Players on said Server and the Admins that monitor these Servers. The Demos down below are the proof, But they may not work due to COD4X version updates. Ban Appeal - Denied -IceOps Staff (Rename the demo 'lordi2_dm_1.80198006aecc5a1aec737a0296cbd4c8' to 'lordi2.dm_1') lordi.dm_1 lordi2_dm_1.80198006aecc5a1aec737a0296cbd4c8 lordi3.dm_1