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  1. Kenai

    Not viseble!

    Is the filter setting for ‘Show killcam’ set to all? Because when I search I see all the IceOps Servers. Feel free to message me on Discord if you have Discord and are in ours. -IceOps Staff
  2. Kenai

    Not viseble!

    Are you sure your filters are correctly set when searching for our Servers? If your filter is set to not show empty servers/full servers then servers with no one/full servers will not show in your list. One way to get around this is to add our Server to your Favorites(and other servers that you like to your favorites) and then set your Source to your Favorites. -IceOps Staff
  3. Kenai

    How to get higher than 55LVL?

    It’s how much you’ve scored(points) and how many kills you’ve gotten, I’m not exactly sure how the mod’s experience multiplier is to getting a higher level. Its @leiizko’s mod so he will have more information for you about what could be wrong, and why you’re not getting higher than level 55. -IceOps Staff
  4. @|GB|Freaky Cant remember if you have Discord or not, and if you do then you can upload the file(since it’s too big here) to one of us on the IceOps Discord. P.S; Player has been temp banned for 2 weeks, if griefing again or Rule:2- No Childish Behavior then they will be permanently banned.
  5. Kenai

    Report for Elguarcho

    Dear @|GB|Freaky Thank you for your report, they do look like they're hacking but sadly it's not concrete enough(Hopefully they'll come back and I can do a demo of them as I was asleep and didn't hear my phone go off when you reported them.) I'll keep this post open in case they come back and you get another demo of them if I don't already. -IceOps Staff
  6. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    I had to put it for 3 weeks as I couldn’t put a certain amount of days(was 19 days left) I have removed the temp chat as it technically has been a month now. -IceOps Staff
  7. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    Your 2 week tempban has now expired and you’re now able to rejoin the Server(s), and now your 1 month mute will be enforced and will expire July 26th. -IceOps Staff
  8. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    Then don't connect back on your "new slow computer" as that is what will happen.
  9. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    If you connect to the server again I WILL make your ban a Permanent one as this counts as Ban evading. Wait out your temp ban or be forced to be permanently banned. -IceOps Staff
  10. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    You never reported anybody for that. There is a report function in-game, $report playername/number reason Or you could make a report here on the Forums. -IceOps Staff
  11. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    Will be uploading two chat logs, note that both chatlogs are between March, 5th and June 13th. They are labeled by date, first is mache 3-5.txt, second is mache 6-13.txt. I've come to the conclusion that I will be Comms blocking you for a month once your tempban has expired starting June 26th(Comms block will expire July 26th) hopefully you'll have calmed down by then. If you continue on this track you will be given a permanent Comms block and or a permanent ban depending on what is said at the time of your next ban. I hope I am making this extremely clear to you. Rules that were broken: 1.No profanity 2.No childish behavior 3.No racism or discrimination of any kind 5.No offensive language 6.No overriding of the censoring mechanism (It is there for a reason!) 10.Religious discussions / references are forbidden -IceOps Staff
  12. Kenai

    mache's Ban Appeal

    Dear @mache @Wo1f is the Admin that banned you(it’s now a 14 day tempban.) He will be the one with the evidence of the ban, however I will be sifting through the chat logs to see the things that have been said. -IceOps Staff
  13. Kenai

    Gyilkos - Griefing and Harassment

    Dear @|GB|Freaky Thank you for your report, due to today June 1st with another report and demo, They have been temp banned for 3 days. If they do it again they'll face a week temp ban and then a perm ban if it persists. The reason they don't respond is because they already are Perma-Muted and can't chat. Temp Banned -IceOps Staff
  14. Kenai

    MACK - Wallhack

    Dear, @|GB|Freaky Thanks for your RaH Submission, Was already recording them once you had reported and found sufficient evidence on the map Vacant from MACKs POV(I will use your demo0027 because it showed Saber behind MACK during the use of his Aim Assist/Roccat.) Player was banned before Submission -IceOps Staff
  15. Kenai


    Dear @|GB|Freaky Thanks for your Demo it helped me out as the player had left before I could record them, They have since been banned. -IceOps Staff