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  1. Kenai

    Unban Appeal

    Dear @nkaftab4 Thank you for your Appeal, You have been unbanned but the next time you're caught with the invisible 'hack' you will stay permanently banned. Also make sure for future appeals to use This link please. If you have any problems connecting please reply here or create a new appeal to let us know. -IceOps Staff
  2. Kenai

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    As of right now, I would say only weapon skins are allowed.
  3. Kenai

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    Dear @Colt DRGN Thank you for making your Appeal, You will be unbanned as this is only a player skin and not a Multihack, However don't use players skins in the future(Weapon skins are allowed) as the next time the ban will stay. Appeal Approved. If you have any problems connecting please let us know, either on this post or a new one. -IceOps Staff
  4. Kenai

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Must be, Because I wasn't playing xD
  5. Kenai

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    I do agree with this, Make it so I only do like 1/4 of the normal damage as a Survivor and 1/3 as the Obscurity xD
  6. Kenai

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Happy Belated Birthday IceOps and the Community! Loved this clan and Community since joining and it's still kicking even after a decade! And here's looking towards another Ten Years! P.S; Lot's of nostalgia from those Xfire Screenshots, Makes me wish Obscurity was as popular as it was back in those days, Even the Zom DB was fun when I played. -Kenai
  7. Kenai

    Impulse?'s Ban Appeal

    Dear @Impulse?, Thank you for taking the time in filling out a ban appeal, However since you were caught hacking(Even without your consent) your ban will stay I'm afraid. Everything that happens on your account will always be your responsibility, and therefore you should take caution when letting other people use your computer/play your games. As we do not know if it was you playing(Or your friend, or even your pet) which is why this ban will stay. -Denied -IceOps Staff
  8. Kenai

    FA1TH_IN_GOD's Ban Appeal

    Like said previously, Bans for cheating will not be lifted. This isn't like a Math test- You only get one chance here and you blew it Give my regards to GaMMeR as they'll agree with me or any Admin for that matter, Take care and be safe. -IceOps Staff
  9. Kenai

    FA1TH_IN_GOD's Ban Appeal

    When you were filling out your Appeal I’m sure you saw the words ‘Bans for cheating will NOT be lifted.’ At the top of the page, and all you had to do on the main menu of COD4 was to select ‘Start New Server’. Plus why why even hack anyway? And I’m sure this ‘GaMMeR’ would agree about your ban. And I’m not afraid of giving you a second chance as we just don’t unban hackers- You made a mistake and it’s on you and it’s our job to keep hackers off the servers.
  10. Kenai

    FA1TH_IN_GOD's Ban Appeal

    Dear @FA1TH_IN_GOD Thank you for your Appeal, However regardless of what server you were banned on(Deathrun, Promod, Softcore, Hardcore) it shouldn't matter as you were caught hacking as a ban on one server means you're banned on every IceOps hosted server and cannot be unbanned in only one, If you wanted to use your 'Elebot' you should've just created a server on your own PC for testing it instead of playing in an actual server- and because of this your ban will stay I'm afraid. -Appeal Denied -IceOps Staff
  11. Kenai

    TheRealSniper--_-- Wallhack

    Dear @Shaky Thanks for submitting a Player Report, However the one kill on Vacant where they spin around and start shooting at the player by the pillar after re-spawning looks odd, there just isn't enough proof to enforce a ban sadly. P.S; If you come across them again and they're playing fishy please make some more recordings and submit them again. -IceOps Staff
  12. Kenai

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    Dear, @Shaky Thank you for your Appeal, I've unbanned you due to insufficient proof though if you're using something to hear footsteps better (Something that's banned on Promod) other than Headphones or high volume I'd suggest not using it as this will happen a lot. If you have any trouble connecting back to the server let us know. -IceOps Staff
  13. Kenai

    Keeeevin's Ban Appeal

    So how exactly is me banning a hacker being a toxic person...?
  14. Kenai

    Keeeevin's Ban Appeal

    Lol, Where was the Toxic part?
  15. Kenai

    Keeeevin's Ban Appeal

    I think I'll keep it as it comes in handy when banning hackers. Took you long enough to admit you were hacking though and trying to blame someone else- Was pretty funny in my book xD