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  1. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    p90 ban

    Aha i understand your point of view Kyle
  2. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    p90 ban

    i think they will keep using it.. because some of them its their favourite for the accuracy and etc...
  3. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    p90 ban

    Yes.. Nerf the weapon but dont remove it from our servers..because its the main for alot of people about 60% of people in our servers use it so we can nerf it.. 10 bullets for 1 kill or etc..and for m21 3 shots for 1 kill...
  4. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    HC HighXP server update

    Heiii Proxii..:) long miss dude..hope you are doing well..Stay safe <3..! Hmmm you words are totally correct too and i am with you..but this is in all the servers in Cod....my suggestion about this.. that we can remove this dmg progress ..and add a new command wich makes it automatically go to spectator if you stayed for 2-3 mins in the same 3 tiles..it will help so much rather than canceling weapons and reducing damage etc..
  5. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    p90 ban

    you are correct KMB
  6. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    p90 ban

    you are right..but every one is free to use what he likes =]...its a game mate with few weapons we choose from them..but ofcourse i am with crodator we need to nerf it a bit..
  7. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    Build reputation...!

    I suggest from my point of view based on the beautiful guests on our servers and main players that we create an event every few days for new large maps not in the rotation.. like creek,,pipeline ...etc =]! who will vote yes for this ?
  8. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    HC HighXP server update

    From my point of view based on my experience in playing cod since release.. most of us..got his own time to camp..so adding this dmg effects to reduce camping is very good ..but kmb i think if we have done anything more than this..it will make us loose our reputations..from one of the best servers..to a very annoying server..and this will increase if they kept camping after all..from my point of view its so good now..even there's alot of people dont come anymore due to the dmg effects that have been added..but not a big deal we still got our fans =]
  9. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    Minecraft Opportunity

    from my point of view on mine craft ..based on my experiences .. :).. i never knew how to play this game correctly is it so nice so you made a post specially for it???
  10. Johnnn Happy birthday mate =]

  11. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    HC HighXP server update

    This is a wonderful work =]... We really deserve to have a great server like Ice Ops ...and this is based on the hard work you are doing guys.. =] if i can help in any let me know
  12. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    report for SuperSkrub420

  13. ^5E^2l^4-^0D^1o^7Dz^5iii

    report for SuperSkrub420

    Aimbot and wh 2310346614981306315 demo0053.dm_1