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  1. r1ot


    Clearing up some maps from the rotation. I can imagine every veteran player here has some map they find annoying in common so make suggestions about which you dislike.
  2. r1ot

    Ban appeal - StormBreak

    I don't know any details regarding his ban. I just saw he was banned.
  3. r1ot

    Tempban for banhop

    As I recall he played again later after getting a ban, then said his brother played therefore lied. And after a few days I remember seeing him online.
  4. r1ot


    To snap screenshots use /screenshot.jpeg And to take demo recording use /record and /stoprecord
  5. r1ot

    banned for wh?

    It shows Tree under the banlist when I ban, dunno why. But I don't remember banning anyone named lost and I can't seem to find my report or the guid under Banned players on obscurity. Edit: And nope it's always been Tree.
  6. r1ot

    Banned for banhop

    I say perm him, he banhoped. And as for his "brother" he posted this appeal in matter of minutes after getting banned. And if his brother knows how to banhop he would be the one who woul of played when he recived the ban.
  7. r1ot

    Banned for banhop

    Yes minq he did. Btw dat not-so-spoiler spoiler
  8. r1ot

    Banned for banhop

    I banned you. Temp 30d f297a838 - Xborn (Banned under the name of IceOps|Link) Obscurity Impersonating, after asking him who he is he lies and wont login imgur.com/58nsMoK
  9. r1ot

    Banned from Hardoce - K'O.Dapunk

    Then again you have players who hack at the competitive scene. Versus VAC system. Not saying you do, just a possibility.
  10. r1ot

    Tantrum Desire. appeal

    Too short for me, but that kill on the balcony didn't look even close to legit, even with speed lowered down.
  11. r1ot

    Cheater Report - MIsty

    Please use this Report form
  12. r1ot

    Banned from Hardoce - K'O.Dapunk

    I'd say hes got a wallhack, those plays are unnatural for uav only.
  13. r1ot

    Banned from Hardoce - K'O.Dapunk

  14. r1ot

    Help on this Pc that I might get

    My recommendation is that you either wait more and get more money for a good pc, or the money you have to upgrade the one you have now. You might have some good parts that cant function to their max due to an old piece of hardware
  15. r1ot

    p00pz appeal

    GUID : 57da111e Admin Banned you was Epsilon. I can't seem to find his report @Lookout