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  1. ॐ vesoljo

    vesoljo reports ARION

    Players' name: ARION Players' PlayerID: 2310346615330935469 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: 1st one is not my ss request, but I see somebody already did an ss on him; mine's 2nd
  2. ॐ vesoljo

    Report for A-M-R-S

    Players' name: A-M-R-S Players' PlayerID: 2310346614460391576 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: A-M-R-S_dm_1.e5e6ed9e76ed07862406054906f82fe8 Please describe what happened: I did not get some of them, he did get me kinda wierd through some uncommon wallbangs.. He's also moving kinda wierd, could be a BOT, could be a weiner that doesn't know how to play :P You decide..