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  1. Pacifist

    Lockdown Discussion

    been working away from home, just as normal, been working from home for the last few years, so not much of a change there. being part of the UK, everything is literally closed, we have strict rules not to meet anyone not unless outside, our restrictions are due to be lifted on the 5th March. been keeping in close contact with a number of friends who are furlough and live alone, keeping their spirits up. haven't been vaccinated yet! just cant wait to get the pubs open again !!!!! hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
  2. Pacifist

    no answer

    If you actually took the time to look at your Appeal, then you would see i did reply. I replied, one hour after you posted your appeal.
  3. Pacifist

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    Hi Keystop did you purchase the game or was it cracked download? In regards to minimum graphics, I play on the lowest graphic settings as well, and I always have smoke from smoke grenades and maps like Countdown. From your screenshot, you have zero smoke on any of the rocket holes on Countdown.
  4. Pacifist

    organization of the tournament

    hi Tyrannos, whats your plans for this tournament? can you please be a bit more specific!
  5. Pacifist

    -ANTITELO-'s Ban Appeal

    I would also deny appeal, the proof is there and as Kenai said, you have went around a cheat protected command.