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  1. Hi all, This isn't a report for cheating/hacking, but more a report of rule #2 Childish Behavior. If I'm on the same team as a player called Gyilkos, he will constantly grief and harass by following me around, shooting next to me to give my position away. I've asked him to stop this previously and also asked why he does it in general, but I get no response. I'm just tired of it honestly and I'm hoping someone with more authority could get him to stop this. I'm not looking to have him perma-banned or anything like that as I know he's a regular dedicated player to the server and that wouldn't be fair. I've attached a demo as an example of it, it's relentless if I'm ever on his team. Thank you, I hope this can get resolved. demo0028.dm_1
  2. |GB|Freaky

    MACK - Wallhack

    He begins to rage hack in this one for more proof demo0027.dm_1
  3. |GB|Freaky

    MACK - Wallhack

    Time: 19:10 Date: 02/05/2023 demo0026.dm_1
  4. |GB|Freaky


    Player using multihack on Hardcore HighXP. Time: 13:40 - 13:50 Date: 25/01/2023 Sadly didn't get the GUID of the player but I hope this is enough information. Demo attached demo0017.dm_1