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  1. |GB|Freaky

    Gyilkos - Continuing griefing behaviour... Again

    Thanks guys - I'm not on the discord but will join if I need to upload a large demo in the future, thanks for the advice
  2. Sorry guys but it's just non-stop reported him in game also and was asked to upload the demo. still he has done nothing to correct his behavior. Sick of it now if I'm being honest. Tried to upload a game from today (21/08) but the filesize is too large so I'll attach one from 19/08 demo0043.rar
  3. |GB|Freaky

    Report for Elguarcho

    Agreed, it's a difficult case. The kill that seemed the most questionable for me was one of his last kills at the stairs. I had changed to a class (mp5, jammer, dead silence) and he still managed to trace me through the stairs. I'll record again once he joins again - thanks for taking the time to look in to it
  4. |GB|Freaky

    Report for Elguarcho

    Players' name: Elguarcho Players' PlayerID: Didn't get ID before he left server Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: demo0033_dm_1.92e4fb51177f35bf1e925d276061c238 Please describe what happened: Clear wallhack, didn't even try hiding it
  5. |GB|Freaky

    Gyilkos - Continuing griefing behaviour

    And it continues, every game. demo0004_dm_1.2ac36233dc3b908ebedf7ed8ef2c0d9e
  6. Hi all, Following on from my previous report here, it seems Gyilkos hasn't learned from his temp ban. In Demo_0050 (taken today), initially on round start, Gyilkos was on the enemy team and after killing him numerous times, he went spectator. He waiting until the enemy team had more players so he could join my team to block my vision. In Demo_0045 (taken 05/07/23) he was again obstructing my vision and harassing me. In my opinion, I would class him as a problematic player. It's clear he doesn't want to change his behavior and considering he has previously been muted and also temp banned for differing offences. Thanks for taking the time to look at this report demo0045.dm_1 demo0050.dm_1
  7. |GB|Freaky

    Gyilkos - Griefing and Harassment

    Hi all, This isn't a report for cheating/hacking, but more a report of rule #2 Childish Behavior. If I'm on the same team as a player called Gyilkos, he will constantly grief and harass by following me around, shooting next to me to give my position away. I've asked him to stop this previously and also asked why he does it in general, but I get no response. I'm just tired of it honestly and I'm hoping someone with more authority could get him to stop this. I'm not looking to have him perma-banned or anything like that as I know he's a regular dedicated player to the server and that wouldn't be fair. I've attached a demo as an example of it, it's relentless if I'm ever on his team. Thank you, I hope this can get resolved. demo0028.dm_1
  8. |GB|Freaky

    MACK - Wallhack

    He begins to rage hack in this one for more proof demo0027.dm_1
  9. |GB|Freaky

    MACK - Wallhack

    Time: 19:10 Date: 02/05/2023 demo0026.dm_1
  10. |GB|Freaky


    Player using multihack on Hardcore HighXP. Time: 13:40 - 13:50 Date: 25/01/2023 Sadly didn't get the GUID of the player but I hope this is enough information. Demo attached demo0017.dm_1