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  1. Rem-Chan

    HC HighXP server update

    Sorry what I meant by "ticks" was actually cl_maxpackets 125. Original cod4 only allowed this to be set to 100 but promod allows it to be set to 125. It just changes how many packets can be sent to and from(?) the server making hit detection better in theory.
  2. Rem-Chan

    HC HighXP server update

    Well it shouldn't. Why in the world would it be considered camping.
  3. Rem-Chan

    HC HighXP server update

    Just tested something. Waited till damage was at 34% and went an entire game aimwalking. Never normal walked (as much as possible, reloading, throwing nades caused walking for a short period) never sprinted, never jumped. It never increased once, I have it on stream if you need proof otherwise this needs to be addressed. It should increase while aim walking. Aimwalking also causes damage to decrease. Tested this with sniper (Scoped in) ak-47, ak-74u, deagle. If pistol aimwalking is still too slow that it causes damage decrease this is bad (which it does). I was not a-ding, held w and walked forward only turning with mouse. Please do something about nades too. I think my suggestion is a pretty good suggestion, nobody has said otherwise so I assume most agree with it. Hit detection (170 ping) seems just a tad better then it was last patch, hopefully can be further improved. maybe making the server 125 tick (like promod) if it's not already would help. At this point I'm actually really REALLY starting to dislike the damage decrease changes. Mainly because you can do everything in your power to constantly keep moving but I always seem to be stuck around 34-67% most game. The movement detection needs to be improved. This is supposed to stop people from camping, but its punishing everyone for moving just as much. Just some constructive criticism don't take anything the wrong way please.
  4. Rem-Chan

    HC HighXP server update

    I would like to make a suggestion to tone down nade spam and generally balance nades alltogether. Have grenades deal a lower amount of damage when the player spawns. Not enough to 1 hit a player at full health, and over time (30 seconds - 1minute times can be adjusted of course) slowly have the damage increase back up to full. Either immediately after the time limit is up or progressively increasing. The damage resets back to minimum after you die, and each time you respawn you have to wait the time limit for the grenade to do max damage again. This won't restrict you from throwing the grenade as soon as you spawn, but if you do it won't do much damage. Its a risk / reward system. Another idea would be to tie the acquisition of a grenade and the damage it can do based off kills, like a kill streak. You won't spawn with a grenade, 1 kill gives you 1 but it doesn't do much damage untill you get 2 or 3 kills. Or just make it entirely a kill streak and scrap the increasing damage model. Grenades do not carry over between deaths. Obtaining one and dying means you lose it. The first option would probably take more time getting players to adjust to how the damage system works, its generally based around grenade balance more so then fixing nade spam, although I'm sure once players figure out how it works nade spam will decrease a bit. Second option could be both grenade balance and fixing nade spam, or just fixing nade spam.
  5. Rem-Chan

    Field of view - FOV

    I honestly don't see why having to use the $fov command to get to normal fov is an issue, you only have to do it 1 time and it will stay like that. I just tested this myself, I usually have it at 1.25, changed it to 1.0 got a kill, died, went to spec and back and it stayed at 1.0 Didn't change maps as I assume it still wont change back. You can add that command /cg_fov and /cg_fovscale to your player profile and set it to read only that way it can't be changed.
  6. Rem-Chan

    HC HighXP server update

    My thoughts and ideas. Love the anti camp idea, but some things should be changed. Firstly I feel the time it takes to get back up to full damage is too slow, maybe increase it 25%ish? Secondly the the time it takes after starting to move for the damage to start increasing needs to be change as well, but also how much you need to move or how far you need to move needs to be increased too. This way you can't simply just ad back and forth behind cover without losing damage essentially its still camping, just slightly moving back and forth though. Hope that makes sense. Snipers. Bolts and barret need to always be 1 shot kill to stomach chest and head, But should be 2 shot kill from wallbangs. Other semis need to be 2-3 shot kill and 3 shot + to wallbangs. The timings for for far you have to move and how fast damage increases and decreases needs to be tweaked too. Bolts and barret should be allowed to stand still longer to take shots and semis need to be less so. Watching angles with a bolt compared to a semi has its drawbacks because of rate of fire. Its a risk / reward thing. Deagle is not 1 shot kill (when posting this message) at 100% damage and should be. 2-3 shots for wallbangs. Keep damage multiplyers the same just tweak the damage to meet this. If possible. Assult riles (all fully automatic) should be at least a 2 shot kill minimum. 3-4 maybe at super long range etc. G3 and G21 can be 1 shot, or maybe just 1 head shot 2 body as well. Numbers can be changed and played with. They should lose damage while standing still a bit slower then semi auto snipers and smgs. They are mid to long range weapons. SMGs should get a tiny damage boost, ak-74u takes soo many shots at range sometimes they feel a bit worthless, up close its fine. Same for uzi, p90, and mp5. Time it takes them to loose damage standing still should be the fastest and time to regain the slowest of the gun classes. They are run and gun guns, move with them. Don't really care about shotguns or other pistols do with them what you want. EDIT: So it seems that when crouch walking, damage will not go up, it continues to go down even while moving. Normal walking it just slightly increases. This is not good. Crouch walking should increase damage and normal walking damage increase is just simply to slow. Aim crouch walking is even worse, and normal aim walking is just worse then normal walking. Aim walking and normal walking/ crouching should both increase at the same rate imo. I also experienced some bad hit reg today while testing this but didn't record it sadly. Whole deagle mag, and half an ak mag into someone and it did NOTHING. Guy turns around and insta kills me. Will be playing with Lagometer on for now on and watching out for these as this is infuriating when it happens and hopefully can be fixed or lessened. Also Nade spam, please for the love of god do something, anything about this, either remove them and only allow stuns and flashes, or have them on a universal timer after the first is thrown, maybe every 1-2 mins you get one? But something needs to be done. Maybe even drop the damage so that they cant 1 hit kill you unless you are already damaged. Take Csgos grenades for example. Also also, just remove Rpg. Seriously who uses that as a main weapon? Why? Why!?? Edit again: After playing a couple matches, it seems like this has not really effected campers at all. At least from what I can tell. Everyone still posts up in their spots and sits there the entire game. Sure the damage reduction has helped somewhat (very marginally), but with such low health anyways, and me always worrying about how much damage I am able to do now constantly watching that meter, always trying to keep moving, I cant aim walk around corners anymore without fearing I wont do any damage to an enemy I cant even fucking see before getting shot at. Semi snipers REALLY need a fucking nerf excuse my language but it is still INFURIATING dying to them while they STILL sit in the same fucking spots hiding away at the back of the map watching the most bullshit angles and I can't fucking do shit about it because I either die before getting close enough, or die to them. Sure, get good, I know, I'm not a bad player by any means so I wont take that as any constructive criticism. This has nothing to do with me or the way I play. One more thing, please remove the annoying ass reload cancel fix please it has gotten me killed so many times. Link to video testing walking and damage increase -
  7. Rem-Chan

    TheCommunist's Ban Appeal

    You're absolutely using either wallhack, esp, No-Smoke, or are abusing the Nvidia ambient occlusion bug. There is no justification for the kills you got other then that. Stop acting like you're innocent here, you're not and you know it lmfao. Just stop. Anyone with any form of intelligence can see this you are not fooling anyone here.
  8. Rem-Chan

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    @Shaky @Kenai unbanned you with the knowledge that you would fix the smoke bug. I already explained to you what the bug is and how to fix it so I'm going to say it here publicly as well so everyone knows. If you have Ambient occlusion enabled in the Nvidia control panel you will have outlines of everything in game through smoke. Sorta like a wallhack. You told me you turned it off, please don't turn it back on while playing on our servers. Thanks.
  9. The new guy Chacky chan was already taken.

  10. Rem-Chan

    Report for A-M-R-S

    He looks normal and clean to me.
  11. Rem-Chan

    Little tweak for HC server

    I believe the commands that Promod uses for movement are being used here meaning there is no screen movement when walking/sprinting like there is in normal cod4.
  12. Rem-Chan

    Report for rip_chester <3

    Yeah Roccat = Silent aim, On your screen and others it looks like normal shooting but behind the scenes(so to speak) the aimbot is still aiming at everyone like normal you just cant see it. We're lucky hes blatant about it because if he had the aimbot fov much lower to where he actually has to aim close to players for the aimbot to actually hit him it's much harder to tell because it looks either normal, or like lag.
  13. Rem-Chan

    Little tweak for HC server

    It's not necessarily always like that, but I would say like 30% of kills, especially at long range I have to lead a bit to hit them.
  14. Rem-Chan

    Little tweak for HC server

    How in the world can you play with 300+ ping.. Switching from this server which I normally get like 140 ping to a server where I get less then 60 is night and day difference in this game. At 140 ping I have to lead like half an inch in front of players just to be able to hit them its ridiculous. Can't imagine what its like with 300+
  15. I agree, new maps/rotation would be great.