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  1. Rem-Chan

    Report for A-M-R-S

    He looks normal and clean to me.
  2. Rem-Chan

    Little tweak for HC server

    I believe the commands that Promod uses for movement are being used here meaning there is no screen movement when walking/sprinting like there is in normal cod4.
  3. Rem-Chan

    Report for rip_chester <3

    Yeah Roccat = Silent aim, On your screen and others it looks like normal shooting but behind the scenes(so to speak) the aimbot is still aiming at everyone like normal you just cant see it. We're lucky hes blatant about it because if he had the aimbot fov much lower to where he actually has to aim close to players for the aimbot to actually hit him it's much harder to tell because it looks either normal, or like lag.
  4. Rem-Chan

    Little tweak for HC server

    It's not necessarily always like that, but I would say like 30% of kills, especially at long range I have to lead a bit to hit them.
  5. Rem-Chan

    Little tweak for HC server

    How in the world can you play with 300+ ping.. Switching from this server which I normally get like 140 ping to a server where I get less then 60 is night and day difference in this game. At 140 ping I have to lead like half an inch in front of players just to be able to hit them its ridiculous. Can't imagine what its like with 300+
  6. Players' name: uG admins are beta male cucks Players' PlayerID: 2310346613245979141 Server: hardcore high exp Please describe what happened: He was constantly saying the N word. Proof:
  7. I agree, new maps/rotation would be great.
  8. Rem-Chan

    Report for Trihard

    Yeah I agree, demo shows nothing suspicious to me.
  9. Rem-Chan

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Right I know that, I was making a suggestion as to what could be done about it if gamemode changing was kept in. If it automatically reverted back to TDM would that be fine?
  10. Rem-Chan

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Like I said if it is a one time change, and after it switches back to TDM then I don't mind. If it stayed S&D after switching then yeah that's bad but if It just switches to it for one game that shouldn't be a big deal. Same goes for FFA or DOM or whatever.
  11. Rem-Chan

    S&D - Change gametype/map VOTE

    Says video is unavailable but I understand what you mean. Personally I don't mind if the gametype was to change by vote but that's just me. If it would default back to TDM after the gamemode change that would be fine I suppose.
  12. Rem-Chan

    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    Chams (chameleon) are just reskins for player models/objects. Turning a players model to a color like in the picture makes it much easier to see them. He was not using any form of wallhack along with the chams otherwise you would see his entire player model through the geometry instead of just parts of his body.
  13. Rem-Chan

    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    Played with him last night lol, never suspected him of wallhack, although he thought I was hacking too ;3
  14. Rem-Chan

    Report for Avi

    Players' name: Avi Players' PlayerID: 2310346615665609048 Server: hardcore high exp Please describe what happened: Players kept calling him out, decided to watch his killcam and was pretty obvious. Proof: Avi_norecoil_wallhack_dm_1.695b9d5e61287144d8abf4e9beb5a6e8
  15. Rem-Chan

    Report for Avi

    I am not sure why there are all those numbers and letters behind it, I named the demo "Avi_norecoil_wallhack" but i'll reupload it. Avi_norecoil_wallhack_dm_1.2db1f5f7cbef747314c1caccff0c8581 Edit ok it's the forums thats adding these numbers and letters after then name not me, just download the demo and rename it and delete everything after dm_1.
  16. Rem-Chan

    Report for A.Q.I.M

    Not sure if I'm allowed to reply here or not but want to make this known, I was a admin for JFF and A.Q.I.M was a regular on our servers for many years. I can tell you he's not a hacker but one of the best campers/wallbangers alive. This man or girl idk can sit in the same spot the entire game and spam the same wall racking up kills and not even blink an eye. honestly hate the guy because of how many times I stupidly die to him knowing what hes doing but that's besides the point.