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  1. Deathhall0w

    Ban appeal for DreamEater

    Nickname: DreamEater Server you got banned on: Deathrun Your UID/GUID: 2310346613608655233 Admin UID/GUID: Ban reason: Wallbang Ban length: 3 Days What happend: I wallbanged kenshiro and apologized to him immediately after they told me its not prohibited.I had some players do the same to me when i was activator and thought it was fine.Kenshiro even after u read all that i told you in game u still reported me so that makes u a cunt.Peace out i dont care about ban tbh
  2. Deathhall0w

    cheater on iceops promod

    That moment where u know u dont cheat but get butthurt if some1 else does the same and even upload a video...Ye sure keep telling urself that u pretentious kid
  3. Deathhall0w

    cheater on iceops promod

    I dont have footage of when you followed my exact movement through the wall and killed me before i even pop up but yeah sure i have obvious cheats
  4. Deathhall0w

    cheater on iceops promod

    There is no need for you to search for my id cuz i am here.So if i understand correctly u are allowed to follow aim through walls and i am not ?Anyways the whole dc and recconect thing of mine was to trigger you and it worked.Clearly u are too skilled and got annoyed by a nub like me...Cheers!!
  5. Deathhall0w

    Ban appeal for Stephan

    didhnt expect this kind of stuff from this guy as he was always friendly ingame..oh well a picture is a thousand words and u got more than 1 ....