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  1. V!zu4L

    report for Deathrunner

    Player's name: Deathrunner Player's GUID or UID: 629c9536 Server: IceOps Dr2 Please describe what happened: Wallbang Proof: iw3mp 2016-03-21 19-01-24-76.avi
  2. V!zu4L

    Ban appeal for V!zu4L

  3. V!zu4L


    hahah, Dino u was crying all time in the server cuz people hardscoping in dr so hardly, If i am new player in dr. What are you ? I dont anymore respect others players cuz lot of players dont respect me, so i am done for that
  4. V!zu4L


    Huoh, Where is ur 2 admins and srecko ? I dont see reason for ban cuz i didnt break rules
  5. V!zu4L


    Yes , I said a few times but it wasnt spam , ''dino dont speak'' I said it to you is related '' hardscoping for noobs '' is that reason for ban 3 days?
  6. V!zu4L


    I think dino gave me t-ban for no reason, and i report for bad language (But ofc i dont have proof for that) ps I would like to evidence relating to my ban. I have not made spam and soz for BAD ENGLISH
  7. V!zu4L

    Ban Appeal

    lol mixr... that is not wh....
  8. V!zu4L

    Ban Appeal

    he can play sd server , idk how, but he is not unbanned his self ,
  9. V!zu4L

    Ban Appeal

    my friend get banned for wh in promod sniper server , so he want that demo / unban , cuz he is not cheater ...... just only obv player |2a5c6f4a7| CHICOSNE| MixR | Permanent|
  10. V!zu4L


    ac0b8c97 ,http://social.xfire.com/screenshots/130089922
  11. V!zu4L

    ninja is rigth

    iam fine now if u are not mad, ninja ty meagain :3 <3 <3 , i will visit website/ play urs servers , so ty sam ty sheep , haha minqkel , u too (y) so much emoticons XDD
  12. V!zu4L

    ninja is rigth

    hahah mate u talking nice finnish language but ty
  13. V!zu4L

    ninja is rigth

    Ninja is right that I do not belong here, it was an awesome experience to be in your community, after promod team removed so I was pretty much useless, and I made a lot of mistakes, and I hope that you are not angry with me, and that i losed my admin powers and place in the team, is not reason why i leave thank you for all that I got to be a part of this community
  14. V!zu4L

    Admin 300000026

    think what u want