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Found 1 result

  1. Lookout

    Deathrun Server

    Hello everyone, as you have already noticed, the deathrun server 1.2 has been moved/shifted to the 4x3-Clan, which was revived with this action. What does this mean? A lot of things: First, the deathrun server is neither dead nor stopped. It’s not gone for good. Players still can play on the server. Nothing has changed in regards to that. Second, all those who donated will keep their VIP status as long as they have paid it for. An agreement has been settled. Third, we are fully aware of what deathrun brings to IceOps with all the up- and downsides. After putting everything into perspective with the way IceOps going long-term, this has been the best solution. How do 4x3 and IceOps work together? Basically, 4x3 and IceOps are two separate and different Clans. How we are distinguished can be easily seen when you visit and compare both forums. We are a cooperation, meaning we work together, try out new things, exchange experiences and eventually go for some joint ventures in the future. @Rewbin was involved from the start with this idea since he ran the 4x3 Clan in the past. He'll be the intersection of both clans and therefore going to be the only exception, who can be in both clans. Also, I stand on good terms with all the owners of 4x3 and am going to keep it that way. You are free to join the 4x3 Clan if you think this clan better suits you, especially if you are only interested in playing deathrun. However, you’ll have to apply at their website ( Previous server moderators or members of IceOps have obviously a plus in their applications there. Not to mention the hard work for keeping it running and up-to-date, thank all of you for this. Keep in mind that you can’t be in both clans as Clan-Member. Deathrun completely gone from IceOps? As for now, yes. If there will be one in the (near) future, I cannot say. Unfortunetly, I did not have so much time to think about this. Why are we informed just now, when the server has been already moved? I know you have a lot of questions and it may seem that all this happened in secret, including withholding information from all of you. This is not true, since all this should have happened differently. We wanted to discuss this within the Staff first, then the clan and afterwards, when everyone is on the same page, the whole community. Due to impatience and miscommunication, the idea was executed before I could even make a move. Therefore, I apologize to all of you, that this went down this way. The IceOps-Staff is here for you for any questions you may have. I would also kindly ask you to keep it friendly. Sincerely, The IceOps-Staff