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  1. :party:Happy B-Day my friend !!! :party:


    Little bit late but still have a nice day!

  2. 7shadow7

    Report for "Shadow"

    Oh noes you finally got me!
  3. 7shadow7


  4. 7shadow7

    Clan Leader

    Nothing new hehe, congrats!
  5. 7shadow7

    Ban appeal for Piecemeal

    Hello it looks like the server you got baned on is not owned by iceops, we cant do anything here sorry.
  6. 7shadow7

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    Yes i do warnings for new players that are new to the mod, but if i catch a player that knows the rules then i ban or comm ban. And 1 week will give you enough time to think of what you did wrong...
  7. 7shadow7

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    Well wanted to a simpler ban to minimize mistakes thats why i waited, better safe than sorry .
  8. 7shadow7

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    Hello i baned your communication for 1 week cause you passed info on iceops obscurity 3 days ago here is the proof: a simple 3 words telling our team that the obs had a ghost stance...
  9. 7shadow7

    Report for zuze

    Player is clean, i dont see any hacks.
  10. 7shadow7

    VIP for S&D and TDM.

    Well the promod mod was created to make the cod4 more competitive and the laser would give big advantage to see where you re aiming and improve your accuracy making it unfair for others, then this game would turn into pay to win type...
  11. 7shadow7

    The New IceOps

    I think our new system will function and balance the work, congrats to joker you deserve it in every way .
  12. 7shadow7


    Have fun, see you on cs go soon.
  13. 7shadow7

    IceOps Community Group in Steam

    This one sounds good
  14. 7shadow7

    Iceops Deathrun Suggestion.

    How about we put an option for a player, either he can spectate or press knife buttor for example to enter ghost mode. I think i have seen some servers that had snake game like that.
  15. 7shadow7

    Iceops Deathrun Suggestion.

    Great idea, would be more fun to play dr.