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  1. Kye

    Overwatch Zenyatta

    How long did it take? Looks fantastic
  2. Kye


    Congratz guys.
  3. Kye

    Admin abuse for Kye (2)

    I counted around 3-4 people saying Darmuh after Aurel said it, including myself, and when you get around 8 maps said at you i had to make the decision. And Darmuh was my decision as not many people would want to play the same map twice.
  4. Kye

    Map rotation change

    Rigged. Island is there twice.
  5. Kye

    Map rotation change

    No as well, what? And it is just because he is nublet and cant finish map Also how about: mp_deathrun_city mp_deathrun_easy mp_deathrun_illusion mp_deathrun_mirroredge mp_deathrun_scoria mp_dr_antichamber mp_dr_digital mp_dr_experts mp_dr_meatboy mp_dr_xm mp_deathrun_flow
  6. "Runaway while you can
    Everything is coming to an end
    Please don’t swear
    This story can not begin again"

    ~urban strangers

    Take it and love them 8)

  7. Kye


    Average Rank is Nova 2 to Nova 4 Now Mate.
  8. Kye


    MG1 Now Yay
  9. Kye


    Pure Skill*
  10. Kye


  11. Kye

    War CS:GO 5 v 5

    Sorry for the late notice but I won't be able to play due to some family issues. I don't know when I will be able to
  12. Buy Auto's and Negev's when possible.
  13. Kye

    Member Promotion

    Well deserved, congratz.
  14. Kye

    XXD xd LOL .d

    1. Player's name: XXD xd LOL .d 2. Player's GUID or UID: 2028ef1a 3. Server: Promod 4. Approximate time: 6:35 pm (GMT) 5. Proof: Edit: Slyfire has banned him after i said he hacked.