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Found 2 results

  1. Aquiz

    Clan update! Important!

    Hey there everyone! As you all may have noticed I could not keep the work up all by myself and IceOps was in lack of coding knowledge. An update to our clan is needed to ensure IceOps' life in the future, therefore the staff made some decisions. At first; Leiizko is gonna join my side and is gonna help me lead IceOps! His knowledge and his experience is such an huge value. Leiizko will make sure everyone he will get known to every single one of you, and if you have questions, feel free to ask him He will announce himself where he will tell something about himself. This decision was well overthought, so no worries about a Hijack. Leiizko will support me and help me with the lead and will be helping us aiming at other games. The second; Wolfman will be leading a pilot!; IceOps Aiming at other Games. This pilot game will be........ DayZ! He will take the lead on creating a new section of IceOps. Eventually these DayZ players have to apply to IceOps as well. If their application gets accepted they are fully integrated clan members as well (After they passed their trail of course) They will recieve the IceOps badge on the forums but also a badge where everyone can see that they are a DayZ player. This applies to the COD4 players as well. Vice Versa. So, if you feel like you have a game where IceOps can't be missed at and like taking the lead in that project? Bring up a nice strategic plan and send it to the Leizko or me and we will take it in discussion! Ok... Unfortunately we have some sad news as well.. You may have read that our beloved @Lookout decided to quit being a part of IceOps. Unfortunately his activity is too low for me to wait for his goodbye post. (I will be waiting for it my friend) I already like to make use of this situation to thank you for everything you have done in the past! We will make sure your work wont bleed out! P.s. Don't be a stranger around here Lookout will be set to Clan-member until he made his decision 100% sure. Fisher will be set to Clan-member until further notice. This because his activity is way too little to fulfill these important positions. Unless these sad news messages, i am looking forward to work together with Leiizko and the rest of the staff. We will make sure IceOps will gain his activity back, plus we will conquer other games. Bigger, better, stronger.. IceOps! -The IceOps Staff
  2. Hello there guys, I think its time to change the map rotation. We've been talking about it for over a month already but there hasn't change a thing. Reason mabe is that Joker is very busy. (with all the respect ofcourse) But we had made up a whole list with maps in's and out's. And me and @peura also tested new (new for iceops) deathrun maps. So i decided to place them down here agian so it wont get lost agian. new: mp_deathrun_crystal mp_deathrun_nighty mp_dr_ravine mp_dr_beach mp_deathrun_industry mp_deathrun_islands mp_dr_lolz mp_dr_jump_hard mp_dr_boss to be completed out: to be filled in.