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  1. SaviorX

    Wallpaper thread? wallpaper thread!

    this is what i use
  2. SaviorX

    IceOps Reborn

    maybe for people like you who still active on forum and want still be helpful to iceops I think is best to creat like comunity member role but this is idea for @Mc.Joker and @Lookout since IceOps is not just even clan but it become comunity too
  3. SaviorX

    IceOps Reborn

    Lookout and Joker I might have few ideas since i have couple of games now wich I am playing I would go with Rust I am playing this game with few friends I can try talk to them and see what they will say and if they agree Payday 2 and GTA 5 but i need to start playing it back + what about even cod 4 remaster ? we might have try something in there And I allready re-apply
  4. SaviorX

    CoD MW Remaster you can find out here
  5. SaviorX

    CoD MW Remaster

    There is some lags but its all about settigs and PC setup for MWR but there is FPS lock on 91 fps max I think it should be at last 125
  6. SaviorX

    CoD MW Remaster

    What I heard it should go out separetly from IW in about 6m
  7. SaviorX

    CoD MW Remaster

    adding some more screens
  8. SaviorX

    CoD MW Remaster

    I think all pc will run it graphic card dont take too much req is 1024MB and 6GB of RAM so ...
  9. SaviorX

    CoD MW Remaster

    So I didnt hold up and buyed the game
  10. SaviorX

    Grand Theft Auto V

  11. SaviorX

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Is there anyone interest to join me and @Scott to do all heist in GTA 5 coz I found out compleat them in elite challange will give 10 mil extra
  12. SaviorX

    GTA 5 IceOps Crew?

    You can come and work for me as associate
  13. SaviorX

    GTA 5 IceOps Crew?

    And I am introducing you guys IceOps Yach
  14. SaviorX

    GTA 5 IceOps Crew?

    maybe if we will have enought members we can try gta5 crew fights and present IceOps and get here more people. But question is if @Mc.Joker like this idea
  15. SaviorX

    GTA 5 IceOps Crew?

    Good to know there is crew allready I just joined it