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  1. bingO

    Unbanned me pls

    thanks @FoxBao for the help nice day and y and how i know if i unbanned me ?
  2. bingO

    bingO's Ban Appeal

    Nickname: #Zsever#bingO Your PlayerID: 2310346613509376252 Ban type: Permanent Ban reason: No Smoke Hack no Wh no Aimbot What happened: i try no smoke for i see work or no but admin give me perma give me a change if y want thanks
  3. unbaned me please give me one change i know i use hack smoke i love server ty /:( i have server a rank moderator and i know what i fault please
  4. bingO

    Unbanned me pls

    i Have last 1 year use hack with no smoke please can y unbanned me i love the sserver my name #Zsever#bingO pls :/ proxict i know so sorry bro i feel bad :/ :(