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  1. That guy in the chatbox is me you should ban him

  2. whats good my nigga

  3. Lawke

    What is up my fellow nigger

  4. Lawke

    Farewell Joe

  5. Lawke

    Ban appeal for Lawke

    Fight me
  6. Come to me. I'll eat you alive. ᗧ

    1. Kienio


      No thanks, i'll pass

  7. Lawke

    Ban appeal for Lawke

    Nickname: Lawke Server you got banned on: Deathrun 1.3 Your UID/GUID: 5132c69d Admin UID/GUID: -1 Ban reason: "The admin has given no reason" What happened: Joined the server. Said hello to Scott (multiple times). Fisher asked me to stop talking to Scott. Got banned.
  8. Lawke


    Lycka till. Sorry for not playing with you for the past few days, I've actually been outside I will play whenever I'm online from now on, so just message me :3 Anyways, enjoy your "vacation" and hope to see you back as leader soon! -Your friend, Luke :3
  9. Lawke

    Deathrun 1.3

    Yeah we can but you're paying for it.
  10. Lawke

    Guys!!InsaNity here!! :) and scroll down. Good luck!