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  1. crazy

    Samsung plasma TCON problem

    Yeah the TCON is exactly the same. I'll try another one since this one might not be working properly. Hopefully the problem isn't the panel. Thanks for the help though mate!
  2. Hello hello, I was wondering if anyone could help. A samsung plasma tv was having problems, no image but backlights and sound on, so i replaced the TCON board. But now the new TCON board as soon as i turned the aTV on it made a buzzing sound. It has image now, but it's always flickering and the board always making noise. So now I'm uncertain if the problem is that the board is bad, or it may be something else. For reference, when the old TCON board worked, the image was good and no noise. Now with the new one buzzing sound and flickering, like the side panels aren't turning on. Weird. The voltages all seem ok, a little bit high but i reckon it's fine. Thanks for reading, and if you can help, that'd be great!