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  2. Blade


    Do you have any screenshots of it?
  3. Blade

    Deathrun Server

    Long story version: this.
  4. Blade

    Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    Can't wait to play the result!
  5. Blade

    Deathrun Server

    I see a lot of people completely missing the big picture here.
  6. Blade

    Deathrun Server

    I don't know, I actually like the 4x3 server a lot, and I think 1.3 should remain under work as well. It is a good opportunity for both communities though.
  7. Blade

    Report player AnGry bad Behaviour

    I disagree
  8. Blade

    Report player AnGry bad Behaviour

    I can confirm this.
  9. Blade

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    Lol ? You need to be told not to do something that you're not suppose to do in the first place? IW must of thought "this is the perfect spot for people to glitch!".
  10. That's a compliment to the mod lol. Fisher's done very good, these things take time, just a given. Can't rush perfection
  11. 1.3 > 1.2 .. my upcoming map is just the icing on the cake