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  1. LianWish

    Appeal for DinoGrzmot

    I'll agree with you. An moderator or Clan member sould be more mature.
  2. LianWish

    Glithers in IceOps Dr

    You should take their I'd and some screenshots or even better a short demo. In this case nothing can be done ***to take their id type in console ( $minustatus )
  3. LianWish

    Future Mod Replacing

    Just because you said that it will be removed hehe jk
  4. LianWish

    Future Mod Replacing

    Well we just installed HnS we did a poll and zombie#3 was at second place for just 1-2 votes difference with HnS. Since its new server we can't really judge it from now that it is not working. But I agree that HnS it's a mode you can't be on much time. It usually gets 8-15 players after 8 o'clock at night for a time period about 2-3 houres then goes empty again. Also agree that it's easier for people to join a mod wich has more action.
  5. LianWish

    Future Mod Replacing

    Well that's in case you will ever think about replacing:)
  6. LianWish

    Future Mod Replacing

    Indeed. But it needs good participation from all members to rise a bit. Its difficult to populate a paintball server this days
  7. LianWish

    Future Mod Replacing

    Ofc DR stays . But there is big diference between dr and jump mod ;p
  8. LianWish

    Future Mod Replacing

    Greetings everyone. I will suggest some mods so everyone will have an idea about some mods we used to play in past and maybe forgot about them or we missed them. Well the reason i'am posting this is if there will be any possibility in the future to replace a server or even hosting a new one, to have some mod proposals so it wont take much time to decide which one to install. First of all i would like to thank you all for helping and participating on my last post and poll about mod installation. Good to see HnS again. So... 1) Zom_db I'am sure everyone who played this mod is missing it a lot. 2) Paintball . This mod looks like real paint ball war. You have to calculate the gravity here since bullets does not go straight 3) Zombies mod. This mode looks litle bit like zom_db but in this case the zombie does not have any special powers and when a zombie knife a human he spawns as zombie also.( 2 vids ) 4)Sniper server with skins. There is already a server running with Mario skins but i don't think its hard to find some other skins to install. 5) Have you ever played MW2 ? If not you can do it while playing Cod 4 6)Gungame. Killing people will upgrade your weapons. 7) Jump mod. For people loves jumping and spending much time to do some bounces and strafes. ****All this modes is for a future view. So in case of server replacing or hosting will get some ideas from here. If you want to see any other mods here just sent me an inbox message with the mod preference so everyone will have an idea about it. Thank you for your time. All the best ... Chris
  9. LianWish

    Head Members Group

    Well done wolf-buddy congrats
  10. LianWish

    Report for Ian

    Still not a real good reason for perma A 3 day ban would be ok. My opinion...
  11. LianWish

    Report for Ian

    Well my opinion is just a temp-ban just to learn how to act. But don't think so it's a reason for a perma.
  12. LianWish

    Reporting DinoGrzmot

    All I see is you summer using bad language. And rules is rules.
  13. LianWish

    Time killing Firas

    @Mc.Joker And he do it again. He is the one at the other corner of map. Anthe the second foto is he hiding from zombie" for a reason zombies do not follow him" and killing peoples time
  14. LianWish

    Time killing Firas

    Server : Rozo Name : Firas Date :9/2/2017 Well first of all , this guy isnt helping at all hes team-mates. He do not care about anyone so he let all die so he can kill more zombies as i noticed in a lot of maps i played with him. Today, he left all die but he did not killed any zombie, there were 30 zombies alive and he just spent everyones time. 6 players were waiting for him to finish. Its not the first time i catch him doing it and allso sure not the last. Greetings. Chris..
  15. LianWish


    Just need a lot of activity especialy from clan members at the beginning. As day passing it will get popular by itself