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      thanks for introduction, nice to meet you

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    Sorry, what offensive name? NinjaBBC - offensive name reason for kick - he sucks legit
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    Your Name*: arj Your GUID*: Doesnt matter in this thread Server*: iceops Promod Admin Name: Fisher aka NinjaBBW and Vinny aka TheHound Approximate time*: 26/08/15 between 3 and 4 am. What Happened*? I've been playing at nighttime with 2 players (Jacko and Littlefoot), also MeAgain was there. Joking, playing, then got kicked. Apparently Fisher commanded his hound to kick me, since it would take him lot of time to do it by himself. When I was kicked, Jacko asked fisher why he kicked me - answer was "he sucks". Mkay. Yes, I was provoking him, insulted even once (calling faggy), I don't really care if you ban me for that. Reason for me reporting is because he is obviously bullying and provoking member. The way he talks as an admin (or at least Clan Skiddie) to member is fucking unbelievable. Accusing without proof, provoking, acting like he's a boss, the "go suck daddys cook he will buy mac". On nuketown he started with bullshit about iceops family and how Jacko doesnt fit. Honestly, next time get good proof and ask players who actually know how to play game before you get with shite like that. I know few of you play "enemy was spotted on long? HE CAN BE EVERYWHERE MUST LOOK AROUND" instead of knowing the map, but... Also, Vinny and Fisher are pr0 admins who can spot hacker quickly, right? Well, since Fisher sucked that night on promod, he was dead most of time. Meantime, player libya.x.somethinghere (seen on ss) was hacking. Both admins played with him in team for about 10 minutes if not longer. That guy on next map was throwing nades even if I would hide quickly after spawn, or scan thru walls/smokes. When asked Fisher if he's going to do anything about it, he replied "Ive been afk, and we have 2 more admins online so ask them". Sadly don't have that on screenshot, however there were about 10 players at that time. Best admin EU. Proof (if available):