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  1. Hey! I have had problems since i came back to play cod4, on the HC TDM Iceops, some weird reason it closes my entire call of duty at random times at the server, kicks basically but closes the cod4 I do have a video i could show in private (already shown to 1 of the members) Any idea why it can happen. Also says on the sourcebans i get kicked from the AntiCheat. heres a fast clip of what happens Fixed
  2. Shaky

    TheRealSniper--_-- Wallhack

    Gonna make this short and long. Would post my gameplay too, but had to shorten it out due to the fact that streamable has 1gb max file. Pm for full demo. clean ss: Short clips: Long Clips:
  3. Shaky

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    This probably has nothing to say aswell, you will probably think "oh u can just turn of the cheats after the screenshot" But here is 1 from your servers today.
  4. Shaky

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    I understand the opinions and ur choices, dont take me wrong, but from my perspective, thats what i do, regularly, all my clips are like that, no matter what server i play on. This has nothing to do with this, but ill throw it in anyway. I soundwhore, i hear sounds, i ehar footsteps, i prefire corners, some of the clips are fishy i agree i for sure agree, but at the same time I wouldnt say this is enough proof from my perspective, More i wont say as i dont have anything to do with what ur choice is, just want another chance and I wouldnt waste all my time for this, Ive been banned from multiple servers for my playstyle, just want 1 server I truely can play on.
  5. Shaky

    Shaky's Ban Appeal

    Nickname: [AX] Shaky Your PlayerID: 2310346614042991267 Ban type: Permanent Ban reason: Wallhack What happened: Hey!, I recently started playing on ur iceops HC TDM server today for my first time after ive heard my clan owner talk about it, so i wanted to try it out, i was playing for around 1 hour until the first report came in where people called me out for cheating, 1 of the admins came on had a talk with me over discord and we fixed things up and agreed i didnt use any kind of cheats. After this i kept playing and kept having fun killing people, I got thrown comments on me in game and more and more, after awhile someone decided to film my movement and sent it to an admin where nothing happened as it was clean and nothing to worry about as everything had a explanation, i kept playing, second admin came on and recorded my movement the same video the other admin got sent, but this admin had 2 videos, 1 video that decided the ban for me using wallhack, all my screenshots are clear (10 of them) My conclusion if necessary, I have been playing this game for around 7 years, been in multiple clans been playing multiple scrims for high tier clans such as MSG back in time, my playstyle is that i rush people and hear sounds, yes i soundwhore.. I prefire corners even if theres noone there, i throw nades, i use radars, i use killstreak, i use everything that can be in my advantage, I went afk to eat, and when i came back i was banned for Wallhacking, which didnt make any sense for me, I also have some screenshots i can send in private, obviously nothing important just some known people / owners telling I dont cheat, and thats just how i play.I would like the ban revoked, not up to me i know, but ty for reading my explanation. In my clan i have over 800+ clear screenshots of me playing.