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  1. Happy Birthday :P 

  2. QueNNch

    Forum app

    The mobile web site is good enough though..
  3. QueNNch


    I apologize for the inactivity in the past few months as I have never gotten to know @Aquiz However I want to say well done as you must have earned it. Congratulations to you and Fisher.
  4. QueNNch

    Clan Leader

    Pleasantly surprised to see this change in IceOps. In this community Lookout is one of those people who's in everybody's good books. I'm confident you will take IceOps ahead with a great spirit. Congratulations!
  5. Hey guys, lately I faced this error and couldn't play CoD4 as it kept crashing Looks like this: Alternative image link It'll make your screen black when you join a server (esp. modded ones) or when you attempt to restart the game. Turns out this is caused due to a DirectX hook/overlay running on your system. Credit to Ninja for pointing this out. So if you face this error, close/kill any overlay programs, such as FRAPS, Rivatuner Statistics server (IMPORTANT: This is most likely the cause), MSI Afterburner, Nvidia Shadowplay and similar. They're usually hiding in the notification area or find in the task manager. However if you get a "iw3mp.exe has stopped working" error, you know to make sure a microphone is plugged in, or alternatively, enable stereo mix recording device (click here for a tutorial on that). -QueNNch
  6. inb4 you didn't have enough ram slots
  7. QueNNch

    Pixelmon [Minecraft Server Idea]

    Never heard about this before Looks exciting
  8. QueNNch

    Report for GrapesFTW

    Ooh GrapesFTW is an old friend Anyway I think the tempban is fine, if he does this again lets extend it to a week
  9. QueNNch

    Game Giveaway's

  10. QueNNch

    Game Giveaway's

    Guys its a brilliant game, we've got quite a few people to make squads and play together. It's a strategic game and if you really like such genre (like search and destroy) and are actually going to play then participate! Really generous of Scott to giveaway this one, not a cheap game.
  11. got siege!


    1. QueNNch


      Ayyyy nice 8)

    2. TreeFrog


      And I am super rusty at it. But happy to have it again


  12. QueNNch

    Game Giveaway's

    Damn this is really nice of u Scott Ark is a great looking game, I can easily run it but I won't be participating cuz I'm gonna leave this entry for someone who deserves it more P.S. Sometimes I'm generous too, I loved this horror game on steam and decided to gift @MixR and @Littlefoot each a copy huehuehue
  13. Literally Illegal. Get this man of the streets hes dangerous

  14. QueNNch


    I liked that trap in map apocalypse where on the bottom floor you're on a platform moving forward and there's several lasers going up and down in the way Jumping/Ducking to avoid lasers is tricky and it takes good timing and practise to stay on that platform!
  15. QueNNch


    A trap where the floor is splippery and u gotta move carefully and slowly to avoid touching red barrels which explode on contact.