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  1. Gogo

    how start .gsc without fs_game

    @Ninja: I use stock, cause this is only test for now, but i will use your files on server. So this is the reason why script wont start. @Lossy: Thanks, i saw that...after i post this here. Thank you all.
  2. Gogo

    how start .gsc without fs_game

    Thanks. I must create folders like maps/mp/gametypes, and there must be for example _globallogic.gsc, and then this folders with files put in to localized_LANGUAGE_iw07.iwd? Or i am wrong? Cause i try put broken globallogic.gsc in few different places but game wont start any .gsc file. I see that server work fine without any script error, and nothing happen, like gsc files are not active.
  3. Gogo

    how start .gsc without fs_game

    Thanks for reply, but only .cfg files can be executed with +exec in cmd line. (i think xD) I know that i must have .csv or something in one of .iwd files in main folder or usermaps folder, but that is all what i know for that. For fs_game i know how start any .gsc script, but i want start it without fs_game like i explain in my first post here.
  4. Hi guys, first sorry for my bad english. Is here anybody who know how start .gsc files without fs_game on the server? Like _globallogic.gsc from main folder or something like that. I want edit hardcore mode (add welcome messages, etc), but everything i try just no make any effect on game, and i want it to make only server side so clients/players do not need to download anything from server. I do not know where to continue looking for, so if anyone knows how to do it I would be grateful to him.