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  1. Telly

    Banned by some noob

    Can any admin cut out all the flaming ?? Also whats the ruling on the ban ?
  2. Telly

    Banned by some noob

    every poor player that gets killed in obs always calls hacks, If I was unbanned I would go back playing legit your right. *Edit, I was playing obs since there was no stances /// EAS was the old server we used to play at
  3. Telly

    Banned by some noob

    you can clearly see on your demo the obscurity get good please
  4. Telly

    Banned by some noob

    1. Telly 2. Obs 3. Edit* 0b18c865 4. Edit Twix banned me 5. Some noob thought i was wall hacking, he was just a blind chump that cant see the obs, ( OBS IS EASY TO SEE IF YOUR NOT SHITTY) 6. Said Temp now its perm ? 7. on standoff i believe, obs came at me i shot at him, he phased away, i heard him above the garage, backed away, saw him then shot and killed the obs. the noob admin right there banned me, but it was a mix of sound and mostly sight please un ban as im not a hacker, this admin should be warned. Telly *Edit, Why you let 12 year olds have admin I don't know