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  1. PureTryOut

    Cod4 CDKey

    Plain text files? Doesn't Mac OSX just doesn't work entirely different? Since it's Unix, it has no registry of any kind at all right? I'm interested to see though where it saves the keys...
  2. PureTryOut

    Installation problem

    Well of course only Ninja can tell, but I do not believe it improves your connection in anyway. But why is that the only reason you want to use Cod4X? How about no-collide through teammates, admin system, plugins, etc, etc?
  3. PureTryOut

    Installation problem

    How does Cod4X improve your ping? It doesn't make your servers internet any faster...
  4. PureTryOut

    Installation problem

    That bastard Well I guess there is no way of getting it to work now then?
  5. PureTryOut

    Installation problem

    Why don't you just get the executable from here? Not sure if it's the newest though... @Ninja, any reason why the update server is not available?
  6. PureTryOut

    Cod 4 1.7a .dll for server instead of .exe

    To be fair it's probably better for him to just rent a Cod4 server instead of a VPS. For a VPS you need Linux (or Windows if you are so stupid to choose that for a server) knowledge, which he probably doesn't have. Also, note that the CPU's in those servers you linked aren't the newest or the best. It's probably fine for just Cod4 though.
  7. PureTryOut

    No-collide Plugin/Script Deathrun

    Yes but that just won't work without Cod4X or even libcod. Maybe it is possible, but I don't think anyone is willing to have the trouble of making it while they could just use Cod4X instead. You'll have to make it yourself or switch to a different host. I recommend the latter.
  8. PureTryOut

    No-collide Plugin/Script Deathrun

    I recommend you to switch to a host with Cod4X instead...
  9. PureTryOut

    Cod4x Question

    No you can not change this. It's done this way so that even people who own the retail version of Cod4 (so not the Steam version) can still use Cod4 with Steam. If it would be Cod4 instead of MW3 dedicated server, then people without the Steam version would not able to use Steam, as you require to buy Cod4 from Steam. However MW3 dedicated server is free, so this is sort of a workaround. Do both of you own the Steam version of Cod4? You sadly can't join people via Steam that have the retail version of Cod4, only the ones who do own it on Steam.
  10. PureTryOut

    Disable perks mod

    Isn't this an idea for a future Cod4X update? Extra cvar's which disable or enable individual perks and maybe even attachments (I hate that grenade launcher!). Would be pretty neat to have I think.
  11. PureTryOut


    Then don't you think it's a good idea to continue this conversation elsewhere?
  12. PureTryOut


    Guys what does this have to do with the original topic?
  13. PureTryOut

    CoD4x17a crash on map change

    Instead of building it yourself, try downloading it from here, and run that.
  14. PureTryOut

    Protect scripts against download

    Use Cod4X. This is actually in it's feature list (preventing directory traversing).
  15. PureTryOut

    1.7a windows wont start

    Look what? I only see a button which says "Download this file". It's a picture = i'm not going to download it. Upload it to imgur please. Also you don't give enough information: What is your startup line (+set dedicated 2, etc)?What OS are you running it on (yes Windows but what Windows) Give us a log More probably useful informationOoh and Ingre, please try to improve your english, we can not understand you at all.
  16. PureTryOut

    CoD4x server + Linux

    "Change operator" As if we had not tried that yet... There is nothing better available, it's physically not possible to get any better here. However, I will only host servers locally when I have glass fibre. 10 down 1 up is horrible. Yes it's good enough for 1 Cod4 server, but anything more gets tricky. It's also for security reasons better to host externally.
  17. PureTryOut

    Direct link to download tar/zip

    No he wants the full game downloaded to his VPS so he can host Cod4 servers... Why doesn't he just upload his own installation files and download the Cod4X binary?
  18. PureTryOut

    CoD4x server + Linux

    It's probably 1mbit up... I have ~900kbit/sec up, horrible. And again, it depends per person what distribution you want. Every distribution is good for Cod4, there is not one better then the other.
  19. PureTryOut

    CoD4x server + Linux

    I myself rent a VPS. Yes I use Linux on my main PC and I can host Cod4 on it, but my internet is terrible so that's a no-go. I can give you my server IP but except for joining my Cod4 server you can't do anything with it.
  20. PureTryOut

    CoD4x server + Linux

    What NNJ said. I use Ubuntu for our server and Arch Linux for the desktop. Some people however prefer CentOS, it's up to you really. Search for features that make them different from each other (like rpm or deb based) and choose the one that suits you the most. You don't need a graphic card for your server btw. If you're just going to use CLI only, then you can just as well take it out.
  21. PureTryOut


    It is still my dream to one day have all Modern Warfare weapons (like MW2's UMP) in Cod4... Too bad the engine has a weapon limit Aah a man can dream... Still possible Hmm well I mean without replacing stock weapons
  22. PureTryOut


    It is still my dream to one day have all Modern Warfare weapons (like MW2's UMP) in Cod4... Too bad the engine has a weapon limit Aah a man can dream...
  23. PureTryOut


    Well that changes some things... Still a shame though, you should ban them from your channel if you find out they use hacks.
  24. PureTryOut


    The transitions looked great, although just like NNJ i'm not really sure if all those kills are legit or not...
  25. PureTryOut

    Master Server FINALLY Online

    Did you honestly not see the thread below this called "YEAH MASTER SERVER BACK ONLINE;)"?