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    AR51:Kevinos DDoS IceOps - Statement

    I know I'm not a clan member or anything here and my opinion doesn't really matter , but I just wanted to say something. First @Mustangkr500 It's the same question as "If a thief knows how to steal , how does he still get caught?" or any similar to this. ARS1 has been known for their bad history ( especially Kevinos) and frankly there are no other suspects. More to mention the admins here in Iceops are not retards and you acting like a smartass proves only that you either approve the ddos-ing or just can't make normal conversation. Second as another proof what makes me think even more that ARS1 is responsible for this is just their overall history of ddos-ing , hell they even hit ESW a few years back. Lastly we daily ban at least 3-4 players from our servers that use ARS1 tags ( which i guess is the profile that comes with the hack they download) so that pretty much says all there is about how much can they be trusted.