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  1. Melktert

    rank icons not showing

    So basically, i have a deathrun mod, then after a certain rank number the rank images stop showing in Tab. i've checked the rankTable and rankIconTable
  2. So basically, i compiled a mod (one from the internet) and ran a server, now i get this server in the console. Screenshot in attachment.
  3. Melktert

    Help with Deathrun mod.

    This forum is useless.
  4. Melktert

    Help with Deathrun mod.

    I just asked for a simple plugin? Is there anyone so kind that can do it.
  5. Melktert

    Ban appeal for -=FRAG-= Tho The Head

    You know there's people out there with AIDS and cancer that wont find this funny at all, I know people rage alot in game. I do too but, mocking other people's sicknesses isn't the resolution. You most likely deserve this temp ban.
  6. Melktert

    Help with Deathrun mod.

  7. Melktert

    Help with Deathrun mod.

    Could someone maybe make a deathrun plugin for me which disables this? I would really appreciate it.
  8. Melktert

    Help with Deathrun mod.

    The commands doesn't work when I put it in the server.cfg, it's cheat protected. Only jump_slowdownenable 0 seems to work.
  9. Melktert

    Help with Deathrun mod.

    I know this topic is dead, but can someone help me disabling falldamage in deathrun?